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Even though bacteria have no nucleus, they still have to have the DNA in the nucleus of more advance cells. Cells have developed to have all the parts that they need to function, so they must have all.
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Can cells live without soil?

Yes cells can live without soil. They do need oxygen, nutrients and water to live though.

Can a cell live without mitochondria?

No, mitochondria convert the sugar into the chemical currency a cell can use called ATP If there is another way to produce energy. If they are respiring anaerobically,they do

Can a cell live without ribosomes?

Well I would assume no. Since ribosomes help produce polypeptides and proteins and these are essential to the cell, the cell would die without them. This can be further proved

Can you live without cell division?

\nNo to cannot live without cell division because our cells need to divide to make us grow. Also we need cell division to survive because our cells only live for a limited am

Can anything live without cells?

That is an interesting question because in many ways cells and lifeare almost synonymous. What I mean by that is the almost universalagreement among biologists is that the bas