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Even though bacteria have no nucleus, they still have to have the DNA in the nucleus of more advance cells. Cells have developed to have all the parts that they need to function, so they must have all.
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Why can't a cell live without lysosomes?

Cells cannot live without lysosomes due to the critical role that  they play in the cell. They are the ones that will release enzymes  that will help in break down of waste

Can you live without red blood cells?

No. We can not live without red blood cells as they are used to carry oxygen to different organs so are esssential to life

Can a cell live without mitochondria?

No, mitochondria convert the sugar into the chemical currency a cell can use called ATP  If there is another way to produce energy. If they are respiring anaerobically,they d

What part of the brain could you not live without?

Without a brain stem, a person loses their control over breathing and heartbeat. If it is damaged or removed, that person dies immediately.     Also with out a cerebel

Can cells live without soil?

Yes cells can live without soil. They do need oxygen, nutrients and water to live though.

Can a cell live without ribosomes?

  Well I would assume no. Since ribosomes help produce polypeptides and proteins and these are essential to the cell, the cell would die without them. This can be further

Can you live without cell division?

    No to cannot live without cell division because our cells need to divide to make us grow. Also we need cell division to survive because our cells only live for a

How long can you live without red blood cell?

Not long without any at all! Because red blood cells make up alot of the blood and then there would be nothing to pump to the heart or anythng to carry oxygen and stuff.

What is the outermost living part of a cell?

The outermost living part of a cell is the cell membrane. The cell  membrane regulates what comes into the cell and what goes out of  the cell. It is composed of a double la