Is there a roster of Co A tenth Inf Battle at Ardennes 44-45?

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I searched for a roster of the 10 Infantry and the 10th Armored Division in the Battle at Ardennes/Alsace. I could find notations about them but no roster. Perhaps you should contact the 10th infantry or 10 Mountain Infantry at their website or consult the Oxford Military History Companion.
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How do you find pictures of men of the Army third ID 15th Inf 1st Battalion Co A and B?

Answer . Some companies posed for formal group photos prior to shipment overseas. These are very large format photos that are 20+ inches wide. If you contact a veterans org

What can you tell me about this Tec 5 co f 328th inf?

Answer. Tec 5 = Rank Tech 5 was an enlisted rank who wore 2 stripes with a "T" that designated a technical rank.. co f = Company F . An Infantry Regiment consisted of 12

What was the battle of Ardennes?

The Battle of Ardennes is also referred to as The Battle of the Bulge. The Ardennes Forest is in France and Belgium. It was the last major offensive of the Germans in World

How many Germans died in the battle of ardennes?

The Germans did not report casualty totals for the battle, so precise numbers are impossible. Based on the number evacuated to the east during the relevant period, who were p

Is there a roster of Co A 10th Inf Battle of the bulge at Ardennes France in 1944-1945?

Yes Edit: Morning reports and rosters for infantry companies are in theNational Archives. You can contact them ( and ask verynicely, and if you are extremely lucky a

Where was the battle of ardennes waged?

"The Ardennes was a region of extensive forests, rolling hills and old mountains primarily in Belgium and Luxembourg, but stretching into France" (wikipedia)