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You're not specifying which jurisdicition, but it's fair to say that generally all tax statutes provide an SOL for assesment of additional amounts in one way or another. Once again, generally, for personal income taxes, a period of 7 years is not uncommon. How that time is calculated can be a bit quircky...from when it starts and things that stop the counting can be strange. Also, once again generally, it only starts with a substantially correct return being filed - that is never file and the SOL remains open for forever. File but be more than 25% inaccurate, and the SOL doesn't apply.
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Statute of limitations on California income tax?

The statue of limitations in California is the later of four years  after the return was filed or the due date of the return. If you  have filed the return, then after four

What is the statute of limitation in Indiana for income tax liability?

The statute of limitations for taxes in Indiana is 3 years after  the tax was due or after the return was filed, whichever is later.  So for instance if you have a tax retur

What is the statute of limitations on back taxes owed the IRS?

First, there are many SOLs, both for different taxes and then separate ones for audit, assesment and collection...as you see a progression that added together can be a long ti

What is the statute of limitations on keeping income tax records?

For federal income taxes, it is generally three years from the date of filing any required return. If the required return was not filed, there is no statute of limitations and

If you owe unemployment can they deduct it from your income tax?

The state can't take overpayment of unemployment benefits from a Federal tax refund. Some states have provisions to deduct such from the state tax refund of their state. Most

What is the statute of limitations for state taxes owed in Virginia?

It depends on many things. The type of tax, sometimes the amount and reason for owing, and what has happened over the time. Having heard the question too many times before,

What is the statute of limitations for state taxes owed in kansas?

  First...all SOLs start from when the return is filed....so never file and it is always, perpetually open.   Theexact time frame depends on thr type of tax 3 years is

What is the statute of limitations on state income tax or federal income tax or sales tax?

First, there are many different SOLs, mainly ones for auditing the info, assesment of the tax and collection of the tax...as you see a progression that added together can be a

Is there a statute of limitations on federal taxes?

  Yes, but there are many complexities. There are SOLs for assessing the tax, as well as SOLs for collecting it...all of which are counted, and maybe stopped, by many thin

What is the statute of limitations of state taxes owed to Indiana I owe the state of Indiana 3900 and yes I did file each year. Do I need to contact them at all now?

  Depends on the type of tax, but in income taxes, anyplace...the Statute of Limitations for assesment and Collection (normally 3 - 4 years) ONLY STARTS running when a ret

What is the statute of limitations on collection of one years' underpaid federal income taxes?

  This is, suprisingly, one of the tughest things to answer. Like much of the tax code there are lots of twists and turns. This answer is for you and may includehel for ot

Statute of limitations La state taxes?

  Different taxes have different SOLs. While they differe from State to State, for income taxes, 2 or 3 years from filing is common.   However, the term from filing is

What is the statute of limitations on Income Tax?

This is more a "generally" answer than specific to a State...most places are similar.   There are many SOLs..ones for reviewing return, ones for assesing the tax, and ones