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No, The vocal spot has recently been filled by Brandon Bolmer of Yesterdays Rising. Brandon and Chiodos has confirmed this to Alternate Press, and they will soon release a full length album together.
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What is Chiodos?

The Chiodos are a six member post hardcore band who use to come under the name of 'The Chiodos Bros.' The members of the band are: Craig Owens (vocals); Bradley Bell (Keyboard

What does chiodos sound like?

Genre - Post-hardcore Other similar bands would be Dance Gavin Dance, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Emarosa, The Devil Wears Prada, Pierce the Veil, Alesana, etc.

Did chiodos die?

Not technically, although some may say they did to them because they don't support Chiodos with Brandon Bolmer over Craig Owens.

What is chiodos hometown?

well Craig the ex singer Brad Bell Pat M. and Matt Goddard all went to school together in Davison, Michigan. and Jason Hale the guitar player with dread locks is from Texas an

Where did the band Chiodos get their name?

The band Chiodos got their name from a tribute to filmmakers Stephen, Edward, and Charles Chiodo. The name was originally The Chiodos Bros. Their first album was in 2007.
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What are vocals?

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