Is there a waiting list for guys to get into the coast guard?

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yes if u are 10 u might have to go in the coast guard
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What does the coast guard do?

Answer The Coast Guard patrols the waters around states that have water-ways being there to help people in peril. I say in peril, their boat could be sinking or have motor p

What is the Coast Guard?

The U.S. Coast Guard is a multi-mission branch of the military that engages in maritime search and rescue, law enforcement, drug interdiction, alien migrant interdiction, port

When was the coast guard founded?

The Coast Guard was originally part of the Revenue Cutter Serviceand was founded in 1790. It is a branch of the United States ArmedForces.

What is wait list?

a wait list is a list in which you wait to be contacted for a reason which could be a heart transplant or it could be an adopting list.

Which is better the National Guard or Coast Guard?

If you want to be fully employed and kept busy...join the Coast Guard. Formerly under the directive of the Teasury Department, then the Transportation Department, now the Home

Is the coast guard a branch of the national guard?

no it is not, its is it own branch of service, funded completely by the U.S. government. Not like the national guard the has state influence. Actually, the Coast Guard is unde

Are there Coast Guard ROTC programs?

No. There is a single Coast Guard JROTC programme, but no collegiate level ROTC programmes. You can receive a commission in the Coast Guard through Navy ROTC, the United State

Is the coast guard a branch of the navy?

Yes and no. Under current conditions, they're subordinate to the Department of Homeland Security (as opposed to the other branches, which are subordinate to the Department of

What is pon pon with the coast guard?

The term "pan-pan" is derived from French, but pronouned "pon-pon".It means "pay attention now", meaning an urgent message willfollow. It is the second highest level used by t

What can you do for the coast guard?

You can do many things in the Coast Guard. For example, you can have a civilian job such as in civil engineering or wellness coordination. If you choose to be enlisted, one of