Is there a way to fix the color on a television?

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"Fixing" the color of TV is a bit vague. What's wrong with the color? There are some things that can be done, and some that can't. If the color is "off" and things are wack, there could be a handful of things that might contribute to the set's performance. Let's look at some. The (color) picture tube (the cathode ray tube, or CRT) has three electron guns in the back. They're all sealed inside the tube, and they stay there for the life of that tube. The cathode of the gun "wears out" after a while and it cannot support demands for "electron production" and high beam current. The cathodes of the guns are the same, but they can age a bit differently, and the supporting electronics may need to be adjusted to restore what is called the color balance. Certainly the beams should be adjusted so they run pretty much equally. But there are limits to how far up one can turn the "drives" without the color in the picture "bleeding" outside the edges of images. If the emission of one of the guns is "too low" and it can't be driven hard enough to create the nice, bright picture one wants, it might be possible to "restore" the cathode. In this process, a technician with what is called a CRT rejuvenator can "overdrive" the cathodes a bit in an attempt to get a bit more life out of the cathode, and, thereby, the CRT. But most shops don't like to do this because the process can damage the CRT and make it unusable. Plus, it may not work. It's not cost effective for them to burn time on this, even if they have the piece of gear it takes to perform the task. Let's look at some other stuff. It may be that the set has lost some of its convergence. What that means is that the beams aren't all "tracking" the same pixels at the same time. Convergence is something that a technician adjusts by connecting a piece of equipment (a "pattern generator") to the set that generates several different test pictures that can be used to line things up. The convergence magnets are tweaked to make things right. (In a few sets, the technician might have to actually go a bit farther to try to get the convergence back.) By the way, anyone who starts adjusting the convergence magnets without the equipment or the knowledge to competently set the CRT up usually makes things worse and can't get them back to the place where the adjustments were begun. A combination of these factors (and perhaps one or two other things) may be behind the need to "fix the color" of a TV. In this day and age, the set is probably at the end of its life. CRT's can be rebuilt, but almost no one does it any more. It's not cost effective to do that like is used to be. And it's not cost effective to buy a new CRT, either. New sets are dirt cheap. And that's the CRT TV's. How about a new flat screen? Or a good used set from a TV shop or thrift store? They're available to those on a budget. If you're stuck with a TV that isn't performing well and you're on a budget, start looking at the thrift stores, and the second hand stores. Check with some TV shops to see if they have some unclaimed repairs they're selling. If you're flush, treat yourself to a new set. Make it a fun adventure. Hang out in the stores for a bit and get an education. (Do not buy the first thing you see or are shown.) And donate your old set to a non-profit. Please don't toss it in the dumpster. The land fills don't need the extra junk. Good luck resolving your difficulties.
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When was the color TV invented?

The first fully modern color TV was announced in 1944, but color TV sets did not go on sale in the US until 1953. Color television has a long history reaching back to 1928. It's roots go back just a little further still. In 1925 John Logie Baird demonstrated the first working television system in L (MORE)

How do you fix a TV?

Televisions are complex devices and modern ones use automated production to ensure the quality of the components that deal with the high data throughput found inside them. Fixing a television now requires information and tools only available to commercial repair centers. Older CRT televisions are (MORE)

When did color tv come into your screens?

Commercial color television began briefly in 1953 in the US but was withdrawn after only a few months. It was relaunched in 1955 with a new color encoding system. However, the first color television was first shown in 1928 by John Logie Baird, the inventor of the first working television in 1925.

When was the first color TV demonstrated?

The first demonstration of color television was in 1928 by John Logie Baird. He was also the first to demonstrate monochrome television in 1925 with both demonstrations taking place in London, England. The color television demonstration was actually the year before the BBC began the first public te (MORE)

When was the colored TV made?

Answer . There were several different types of colored TV in the middle fifties (RCA won). Colored wheels verses three guns. There were experimental color TVs before WW II , but they weren't commercially viable.

Who created color tv?

A German patent in 1904 contained the earliest recorded proposal for a color television system. In 1925, Zworykin filed a patent disclosure for an all-electronic colour television system.

What year did colored tv come out?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI am not sure what year it was, I think it was in the 50's. maybe 56? Sorry I wasn't totaly on the spot there.\n. \nGlad to help!\n. \n Answer \n. \nBetween 1955-1965.\n1953 to be exact, as I have learned it.

Who invented the first color tv?

John Logi Baird, a Scotsman is often credited with the invention of the first colour television in the 1940s but the history of colour TV is rather more complex. He was certainly one of the first to produce an image that showed colour but most would agree that it was a far cry from the colour televi (MORE)

How do you fix a tv with deteriorating sound?

Some televisions have a device called an Integral Sound Switch.This switch can go bad causing the sound to be garbled or not heardat all. The speakers can also be at fault if the speakers havedamage. Installing external speakers can fix this problem in mostcases.

When did color TV come to UK?

The first tests of colour TV were carried out by the BBC in 1959. The first colour TV broadcast was the Wimbledon Men's Singles final in 1967 which was broadcast on BBC 2. In November 1969 all three UK channels BBC 1, BBC2 and ITV began full colour broadcasts. By 1976 the number of colour T (MORE)

How do you make a color TV?

You can't afford to "make" a color TV. By the time you located and bought all the individual components to build it, you could have bought a new large screen plasma set.

How can you fix your TV VHS player?

On my General Electric vcr, when i play a vhs tape in it, I can only see wavy lines that move around in all directions. I can record something but can' t see it afterwards on this player, but can see it on another player. What's wrong with the playing part of the vcr? and how can i fix it.

Who owned the first color tv?

The first color television was owned by John Logie Baird, the Scottish inventor of television. His first working television was demonstrated in 1925 in London and by 1928, he had the color version working as well. Sadly for Mr Baird, owning his own color television wasn't much use to him. Although h (MORE)

Why TV have color?

Why? Because people wanted to see the moving pictures in colour, the same as they see things in real life. It was very difficult to create the impression of moving colour images by transmitted electronic signals in the early days of television, but eventually 'colour tv' was invented. There ar (MORE)

How to fix horizontal lines on a TV?

Make sure all your cords plugged both into your television and Cable TV or Satellite receiver are snug. It is possible one of your cords may have gone bad. You can check this by carefully moving the cords and see if this makes your picture worse or better; if so you know it is a cord issue.

What is a color television?

An electronic device capable of receiving a signal, be it from the airwaves or from a cable, interpreting the signal and transferring that into a viewable analog image. Early television screens could only process black and white images ... with advances in technology, we are able to visually see col (MORE)

How do you fix a glare from LCD TV?

My husband sat down to watch the game the other day after a hard morning of working in the yard. After siting down and getting comfortable in front of our new television, he became irritated. He couldn't see the game because of the glare from the window behind the couch. Working together, we found a (MORE)

How do you fix a frozen tv screen?

Sounds like a digital TV. Try unplugging it for awhile and then plugging it back in. That forces a `hard reset' of the microprocessor and should free the screen. If not, you've got some other type of issue either with the TV itself or with the source.

How do you fix your tv?

well its pretty easy, first you need to check and see if its power suply is charged. But it can cost up to 300$ expensive but worth it, if that is not the case you are not paying the bill, or your televisions color system is out and you need to replace it, but this future can cost 100$-200$ and all (MORE)

Can you fix the color on a rear projection high definition TV?

Yes. First, the problem may be a matter of simple adjustments in the settings menu. Sadly, many manufacturers ship their TV's with the brightness turned way up which affects the life of the bulbs. If playing with the settings does not help, the next step may be to clean off the bulbs inside the casi (MORE)

How expensive to fix LCD tv?

How expensive it is to fix a LCD TV depends on the problem. It cancost upwards of 100 dollars if the problem is major.

Can you fix a magnatized tv?

Yes, You can fix a magnitized TV. Step one is you need a very powerful magnet( I used a alien magnet). Turn on your TV that has been Magnitized. Start stroking it to the outside frame until it isn't all messed up.

How do you fix the sound on sceptre TV?

As for the sound, folks have complained that it's prone to getting really loud, then really quiet, without warning and seemingly without reason. This is caused by the auto volume leveling software in the TV. It's really quite terribly implemented. Turn off AVL/AVS, and this problem should go away".

Did the 1960's have color tv?

Colour television had been around for while by the 1960s. The US saw regular broadcasts in colour from 1955. It took a little longer to make it to Europe, with UK and Germany starting to broadcast in colour from the late 1960s.

How much was a color TV in 1954?

1954 was the year that RCA introduced color television in the US and was the first broadcaster to do so. In 1954 it is estimated that fewer than 5000 color televisions were sold at a price of $1000 each. It is hardly surprising that so few were sold. It was a very new technology so the number of c (MORE)

When was the first color TV in Britain?

In the United Kingdom the first official colour TV broadcasting was by BBC2 on 1st July 1967. Colour service inaugurated on ITV and BBC1 on 15th November 1969.

How do you fix volume on jvc tv?

On the television, you will see two buttons. One is facing right, one is facing left. The left one will turn the volume down, and the right one will turn the volume up. It's simple!

How much does it cost to get your TV fixed?

This all depends on what the fault is. Some faults can be as simple as replacing a fuse or a single component. Others might demand a new cathode ray tube or LCD display module and those will often cost several hundred dollars. Modern television equipment is manufactured in a way that makes repair m (MORE)

How does color get in televisions?

Color for television is a very simple principle that uses some very complex technology. In 1928, John Logie Baird used a theory that all colors could be created by mixing just three colors together. He chose the primary colors of red, green and blue. This wasn't a new idea but he was the first to us (MORE)

How do you fix a tv without the button?

It depends on the model of TV. In most cases, your solution is to take a toothpick and insert it where the button was. Push in on the toothpick (but make sure it's in the center of the hole) and you should be good. There is another option, buy a universal remote. As long as your TV has a remote s (MORE)

How can you fix your flat screen tv?

In which way? This depends on what you need fixing. The easiest way though is to buy a new one. It also depends on brand and product. or try switching the white wire ,take the bendy bit out swap it around and put it back in again

How do you fix a tv if the screen has gone?

Throw out the tv. An area in the back stores electricity and you can get shocked if you mess with it. When tv's had tubes, they were repairable. Electronic circuit boards aren't worth the effort or cost in most cases.

When did color TV premiere?

A German patent in 1904 contained the earliest recorded proposal for a color television system. In 1925, Zworykin filed a patent disclosure for an all-electronic colour television system. Both of these systems were not successful, however, they were the first for color television. A successfu (MORE)

When was color TVs introduced in Mexico?

In 1968, but most areas close to the US-Mexico border already hadcolor TV since it was first adopted in the United States, circa1953. The full adoption of color TV was completed by the time theOlympic Games were inaugurated in Mexico City, on October 12, 1968.

How do you fix snow on a TV screen?

Assuming you mean electronic snow, not the cold white stuff that falls from the sky, that depends on your setup. First, check all connections, especially the antenna/cable inputs to the TV. All it takes is a loose connector to allow interference ("snow") to occur. If the connection to the TV i (MORE)

How do you fix static on my TV?

Tv's are digital now so distortion of the signal is in a loose connection, check all your cable inputs and make sure they are tight