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Is there a way to get the scram bracelet off?

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Yes, the panel where they put it on sometimes falls off - and it just comes off - although it downloads more than alcohol content (twice a day) - every 30 minutes when it buzzes, it's testing vapor, PH, alcohol and temperature - so if you take it off (unless you put it on someone else - it will be obvious) - then they throw you in jail for "tampering". Note: If it comes off on it's own, it's best not to tell your worker ... they assume you "tampered" which is a violation of terms. Just wear pants ... or have them put it on the inside (instead of outside of your ankle) if it's uncomfortable ... b/c It's a lot more comfortable than being confined in a cell.
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Can you cover a scram bracelet to swim?

My friends and I who have the Scram bracelet usually wrap it with saran wrap and then duct tap both ends. It may look funny but it works. They go cliff diving with it wrapped (MORE)

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What if you break scram bracelet curfew?

  you may get buy for a few days ,but you never know when they are about to check up on you & you could get another 2 years added to the time you are on all ready

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Does sugar alcohol affect the scram bracelet?

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Should you take off your irenew bracelet when showering?

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