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Is there a way to get the scram bracelet off?

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Yes, the panel where they put it on sometimes falls off - and it just comes off - although it downloads more than alcohol content (twice a day) - every 30 minutes when it buzzes, it's testing vapor, PH, alcohol and temperature - so if you take it off (unless you put it on someone else - it will be obvious) - then they throw you in jail for "tampering". Note: If it comes off on it's own, it's best not to tell your worker ... they assume you "tampered" which is a violation of terms. Just wear pants ... or have them put it on the inside (instead of outside of your ankle) if it's uncomfortable ... b/c It's a lot more comfortable than being confined in a cell.
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How do you take off your house arrest bracelet without breaking it?

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How to take off a Pandora bracelet?

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How do you make a fake scram bracelet?

I cut the cord off an old phone charger and used electrical tape to wrap it around my ankle for a Lindsay Lohan halloween costume.
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