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How to find out on the internet which insurance company a construction company is using?

Insurance company information is not a public record and is not available on the Internet. If you are hiring a contractor to do work on your property, you can require them t

401k contribution limits if you change companies?

If you change companies you can only contribute the maximum of $16,500 combined in both plans. It is up to you to keep track of how much you have contributed. Some companies,

What happens to your husbands 401K if company no longer is in business?

You have to rollover the 401k to an IRA (individual retirement account). You can typically do this with the bank providing the 401k. If not, you can have the bank transfer fun

Can a credit card company garnish your 401K loan?

No. There are, however, three points at work here as follows: A 401(k) account is a retirement account that is generally protected from creditors. You are only allowed to a

What is a 401K?

your retirement fund     It is a type of defined contribution retirement plan offered by  many employers. The employee decides how much he wishes to  contribute, a

What are websites to find used cars by owner?

Some websites that will help you find used cars for sale by owner are: Auto Trader, Cars for Sale, A Used Car, Cars Direct, Auto Shopper and Automobile Mag.

Can a loan company garnish my 401k?

No. No. There are, however, two points at work here as follows: A 401(k) account is a retirement account that is generally protected from creditors. You are only allowed to

What about 401k?

A 401(k) plan is a retirement account to which employee and employer contribute, on which taxes are deferred until withdrawal, and for which the employee selects the types of

How do you get a 401k?

A 401k Plan generally is offered to employees by their employer. If you are self-employed, you may start a 401k or other retirement plan.

If i worked for a company 10 years ago and put some of my money in a 401k how do you find out how to access it?

You have to contact the company you worked for and find out who your 401k was through and then contact them. If you worked for that company for 5 years or more you will not be

Can you lose your company match 401k if you quit your job?

It is possible that you could. 401k's have what's called a vesting  schedule. All that means is you have to wait a certain amount of  time to actually own the employer's con

How do find the server locations for websites?

Hi everyone If you are a windows operating system user Goto start and click on run type there cmd and hit Enter Command prompt will open up type the following lines the