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Is there an actual rule in the MLB rule book that states that a tie does in fact go to the runner?

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The rule is rule 6.05 the subsection is (j). Here is what it says, "After a third strike or after he hits a fair ball, he or first base is tagged before he touches first base" In a tie the runner or the base is not tagged BEFORE the runner touches first so it can be interpreted as a tie goes to the runner. But it really is that the base or runner must be tagged before the runner reaches the base.
Rule 6 applies specifically to the batter. Rule 7 applies to all runners. Rule 7.08 subsection (e) states that:
Any runner is out when He fails to reach the next base before a fielder tags him or the base, after he has been forced to advance by reason of the batter becoming a runner.
In this situation, the "tie" goes to the fielder. So putting these two rules together, a tie goes to the batter/runner at first and to the fielder for all other bases. In actual practice, umpires are instructed that there is no such thing as a tie and that they must determine what has happened first.

Well actually according to Tim McClelland, MLB Umpire Crew Chief, a tie does not go to the runner, in the rules it states that a runner must beat the ball to the base so in fact the tie does not go to the runner.
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