Is there any known way to pass an ETG alcohol test when you have been drinking?

Is there any known way to pass an ETG alcohol test when you have been drinking?
ETG tests are highly flawed due to not being discriminative enough where the alcohol is comming from. People have lost their jobs, licenses, etc and didn't drink. Those in the healthcare field will fail automatically due to the need to constantly use Purell; over 700 ng, almost 800ng, and the limit is 100. Considering an alcoholic beverage will cause 6000 ng, having the positive results at 100ng is rediculous!

Lysol disinfectant alone will cause a false positive. Foods, including ripe fruits, will cause false positives. Not only these but also cleansers, toothpaste, mouthwash, breathfresheners, some aerosol products, food enhancers such as extracts, hairspray, deodorant, over the counter medicines, and the list goes on.

They say that only ingestion will cause a positive result but this was clinically found to be false ...inhaling the fumes will also cause a false positive result which was shown with the use of Purell. It may just have been a guess, by the scientists, that it was just the inhaling of the fumes, but your skin is the biggest organ in you body and I believe that absorption must be considered as well! I personally don't know how anyone can pass it. I would fail alone just from my coffee with Vanilla extract in it every morning. Or my whip cream on ice cream.

This test is completely unreliable.
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Can a etg test detect two alcohoic drinks after 3 days?

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You can if you haven't had any alcohol and haven't come into contact with any form of alcohol (mouthwash, sanitizers, site preparation for injection, inhalation of alcohol vap (MORE)

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Ethyl glucuronide or ETG is a direct metabolite of ethanol. Its  presence in urine is a definitive indicator that alcohol was  consumed.