Which ankle should you wear an anklet?

Whichever you like; there is no right or wrong ankle. Buy a pair and wear them around both ankles like me :-)

What does it mean for a woman to wear an anklet?

For most, it is just a piece of jewelry for show. However, it can be known that a woman with a wedding band and an anklet on her right ankle symbolizes her as a hotwife. A hot
Can men wear anklets?

Can men wear anklets?

Yes because they are awesome and so are snklets so wear surfer anklets

Does the right leg anklet signify a hotwife but More specifically does a wife who wants extramarital sex wear an anklet on the right leg to display her availability?

Yes anklet one leg does signify she is a hotwife and ready for sexual encounters, but with whom ? Only with the male of her and her hubby's choice . That's equally true that a

Does it mean you are single if you wear your anklet on the right ankle?

No, that's just something people like to say and have created.  Actually, many of my married friends switch between their ankles  with the bracelet, but they mostly do wear

Is it a sin to wear the rosary on you right ankle?

The rosary is an object used for meditation and prayer, but if blessed, it is also a powerful sacramental against the devil and can be reverenced in times of temptation or hel

Symbolic meaning of a woman wearing an ankle bracelet?

  If you wore an ankle bracelet in the 1930s and 1940s, in britain, it was widely understood to signify easy virtue, or a professional prostitute. Although this symbolism

Can you make your son to wear anklets?

You can probably make him wear them, but you can't stop him from taking them off as soon as he gets away from you. It is better to talk to him and reach an understanding with