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Is there any sexual meaning to a woman wearing an anklet on her right ankle?

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Respondant 1)
no but its not the case in the swinging world where woman (probably hotwives!) would highlight that she's an open and available woman to the other sex.
Respondant 2)
In western society nowadays, there is no relevance at all to wearing an ankle chain on either foot. It has become an acceptable fashion accessory.
However, in the earlier 20th century, it was not uncommon the hear that there was a connotation of liberal sexual attitude. Taken to an extreme, this was deemed by the prudish to suggest that wearers of ankle chains were advertising prostitution.
The sexual attraction involving feet (female especially) is well documented. Beautifying feet appears to be gaining ground with tattoos, painted nails, false nails, toe rings, ankle chains and revealing sandals becoming ever more popular. The most common residual problem is the disfigurement caused by bunions so often associated with fashionable rather than sensible foot shaped shoes. Correction through surgery is often sought in desperation. It is tragic that oriental women now appear to be pursuing senseless western shoe fashion and damaging their feet similarly. The reader is alerted to the one time purposeful disfigurement caused by foot binding in Chinese culture.
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