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Is there any value to the old Daimler Chrysler stock certificates?

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You can contact the state that your certificate was incorporated in, each state has a department that handles such things. This site has each state's department contact information listed
Databases/directories of corporate changes can also be useful in determining the value of your shares. Reasonably priced databases and those available to the public that is. Most local business libraries could help you out.The next step is then to contact either the transfer agent (found on the stock certificate) just google the name and you should have a number to call. They will have all information as to what happened to the company, if anything was left for investors etc.. if by any chance the companies transfer agent has also gone by the wind.

The state will be able to determine for you when the companies charter was cancelled although will not be able to tell you if any dividends or other capital payments were left for investors.

In all I would go with professional help, a broker or other financial advisor can help. Or you can go with a online research firm to evaluate your companies position. I founded a site last year to break competition in the space, we offer the lowest price and the most comprehensive research.

source(s): http://www.stockcertexpert.com
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