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Is there any way a man can increase his height after 25 years?

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Some people say you stop growing after 16 or after 20..but you could still have growth spurts in your mid 20s why not? At 25 years of age, all of the growth plates should have closed, so it is unlikely that one will grow more in height. None of the methods that have been tried, such as stretching, vitamins, and so on, have actually helped make people taller. You can certainly try simple things such as putting thicker insoles in your shoes, but as far as actually getting taller, it most likely won't happen.
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Is there any possible ways to increase 5 cm to your height and now you are seventeen?

It is quite easy to increase your height when you are a teenager, best ways are playing sports like basketball , sprinting, hanging bar and do some stretching exercises as i k

What is the average height for a 25 year old man?

5'4 or less---Man, you are short 5'6-5'8---You're not a midget, but still below average 5'9-5'10---People say 5'11 is average for a man, and I agree, but if you are this heigh
Increase height after 19 years?

Increase height after 19 years?

For males - although at a much slower rate - they can keep growing in height until approximately 21 years of age.

How can a 25-year-old increase height through exercise and food?

Height generally stops well before 25.There are lot of methods available in internet to increase HEIGHT. Unfortunately 95% of the informations are FAKE. According to our ethic

Is it possible to increase height at 24 year?

Growth of bones can be maintain normally at the age of 25 Yrs.. not later it. Brisk walking, running, calcium diet, Skim Milk can help you to increase your height.