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Is there caffeine in caffeine coca cola?

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EVERY soda has caffeine.
Caffeinated drinks:
7-UP, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Fanta, etc.
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Is there caffeine in Coca-Cola?

Answer . Yes, although a caffeine-free variant is available. The caffeine-free variant usually comes in gold-colored cans.

Can caffeine free Coca Cola give you headaches?

Coca Cola is so full of chemicals - even when it is caffeine free - that it is possible your body would react. Especially if you notice that you get headaches soon after drink

If Coca-Cola has caffeine what makes it kosher?

The question seems to imply the impression that the presence of caffeine renders something non-kosher. That is not the case. While there are some Jewish individuals or groups
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How much caffeine in one Coca-Cola?

You could try asking the company but they won't tell you - the recipe has always been a closely-guarded secret. You'd have to subject a sample to chemical analysis to find out
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How much caffeine does root beer pepsi and coca cola have?

This data came from the Center for Science in the Public Interest.Just giving credit (and blame, if any of the figures are incorrect)where it's due. All figures are for a 12 o