Is there financial responsibility to a spouse after divorce when one is a us citizen and the other received their citizenship through marriage?

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Yes there is, divorce does not change any obligations from form I-864, as it says on the form: "Note that divorce does not terminate your obligations under this Form I-864."
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Is one spouse financially responsible for the other spouse's credit card debt?

Answer . \nOnly on joint accounts are both spouses responsible for repayment of the debt. Unless, they reside in a community property state, if so, they are both responsibl

What if your spouse wants a bifurcation to speed up divorce You are a green card holder set to expire soon Gained green card through marriage to US citizen How will bifurcation affect green card renew?

Answer . if the green card is conditional - yes, it will. in order to remove the condition and become a permanent resident, you have to be married to the same person who y

How to get US citizenship through marriage?

Impossible. It is not impossible...When you marry a US citizen, you will be granted to be here on a visitor visa for a period of months while the apps go on for you to be ....

How does a US citizen divorce a Nigerian spouse?

If you are both in the same country (whether the US or Nigeria) you can use the court system of the country you are in. If you are in different countries, then you are already

When i get us citizenship after marriage of US citizen?

The applicant is a permanent resident ("green card" holder) with valid green card for a period of the past 5 years. If married to U.S. Citizen you may apply after 3 years with

Does marriage to a US citizen confer citizenship on you?

Basic criteria to be eligible for US citizenship is to be a green card holder and above 18 years of age. Through the marriage to a US citizen the spouse can get green card aft