Is there financial responsibility to a spouse after divorce when one is a us citizen and the other received their citizenship through marriage?

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Yes there is, divorce does not change any obligations from form I-864, as it says on the form: "Note that divorce does not terminate your obligations under this Form I-864."
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Is a spouse responsible for the other spouse's back taxes that were assessed prior to marriage?

No. Debts made by either spouse before marriage belong to them alone. This includes taxes. Even after marriage if the couple file separate returns each person is responsible only for their filing. If there is a problem such as collection procedures, that can affect all joint spousal property. NO (MORE)

Can a Canadian citizen living in the US with their US citizen spouse apply for Canadian immigration for their spouse and does the spouse have to give up their US citizenship?

Yes s/he can sponser a spouse. For the method please refer to: As far as giving up citizenship: it is not required that the spouse give up citizenship. The US basically considers the spouse a US citizen and if they have citizenship in an (MORE)

Is one spouse financially responsible for the other spouse's credit card debt?

Answer . \nOnly on joint accounts are both spouses responsible for repayment of the debt. Unless, they reside in a community property state, if so, they are both responsible for debts incurred regardless of which one holds the account. Wisconsin and Texas treat some spousal debts differently when (MORE)

Can a US citizen and an illegal immigrant get married and if so will the non citizen spouse be able to obtain citizenship?

Due to the stricter enforcement of immigration laws it is almost impossible for an illegal immigrant to marry if they do not have the documentation required by the state in which the license application is made.. It is no longer possible to have a "quickie" marriage in Las Vegas or any US state.. (MORE)

What financial responsibility does a spouse have for the other spouse's credit card debt?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nUnless there was a prenumptual agreement, half if you decide to divorce.\n. \nHowever the damage to the credit rating would be limited to the account holder(s) linked to the accounts.\n. \n . \n . \nIn the US married couples only share credit history when it pertains (MORE)

How do you become a US citizen through marriage if you live in the UK?

In order to obtain US citizenship, you must marry a US citizen in the first place. Your fiance must file a "fiance visa" which will award you temporary status in the US. You must then apply for permanent residency via the I-485 application (greencard.) Then, you must wait an indefinite number of yea (MORE)

What if your spouse wants a bifurcation to speed up divorce You are a green card holder set to expire soon Gained green card through marriage to US citizen How will bifurcation affect green card renew?

Answer . if the green card is conditional - yes, it will. in order to remove the condition and become a permanent resident, you have to be married to the same person who you got the conditional residence through. if you are divorced at the review time, you'll be ordered t leave the country. h (MORE)

Is a spouse financially responsible for the other spouse's student loan debt?

Answer . This is a matter of state law. It depends where you live. . In a community property state, generally, yes. . In a separate property state, generally, no.. Other facts that would be necessary to answer this question, depending on the situation are:. When were the student loans incur (MORE)

How to get US citizenship through marriage?

Impossible. It is not impossible...When you marry a US citizen, you will be granted to be here on a visitor visa for a period of months while the apps go on for you to be ....I know I went thru this process....and when it was I received dual citizenship or you can relinquish and have only US citizen (MORE)

Can a nonresident alien file a divorce against his or her US citizen spouse?

Yes a non resident alien can seek divorce from US Citizen. It is actually to their advantage as they can short cut residency requirement by applying for domestic violence thru the Dept of Homeland Security. If found victim of domestic violence either by physical or mental abuse residency is granted. (MORE)

How can you get your citizenship through marriage?

First, if the immigrant enter legally, yes. They can obtain legal status through marriage. If enter illegally, sorry, wont happened. However, you can retain a very expensive attorney who will probably say he/she can do it. But not explain that you must return home with a possible banned to the US of (MORE)

If an immigrant became a us citizen by marriage what happens if they divorce?

Nothing all the INS forms are still binding agreements. And the sponsor has to maintain 125% of the poverty level .. They aren't citizens of the US merely permanent residents. That stuff about being a citizen at marriage is so sold school it merely be another regular divorce.. divorce does not term (MORE)

Can you get Canadian citizenship through marriage?

Yes, you can get Canadian citizenship through marriage. However, easier said than done. It is not automatic. Marriage will allow the non-Canadian spouse to obtain permanent residency. After 3 years of basic residence/and or physical presence in Canada can apply for citizenship. Everyone needs to sat (MORE)

How does a US citizen divorce a Nigerian spouse?

If you are both in the same country (whether the US or Nigeria) you can use the court system of the country you are in. If you are in different countries, then you are already separated; divorce papers can be sent through the mail, although that is a more difficult process, particularly if your Nige (MORE)

What will happen if a illegal immigrant marry a us citizen and divorce before filing for citizenship?

"He/she will have his/her butt kicked out of the country, unless he/she can claim being a victim of domestic abuse or something like that." This is not true, it all depends on how long you've been in the country and if you've been here legally. You will not get kicked out of the country for no (MORE)

Is a spouse financially responsible for back child support incurred before marriage?

Well, the spouse that is subject to the child support and responsible for whatever the courts have ordered. Your question is some what confusing, since it seems that you married someone to whom had a child support order upon you. If that occurred, you would still be liable for what the court orde (MORE)

When i get us citizenship after marriage of US citizen?

The applicant is a permanent resident ("green card" holder) with valid green card for a period of the past 5 years. If married to U.S. Citizen you may apply after 3 years with valid green card. One exception prevails - if an applicant has served in the United States armed forces during war, that ind (MORE)

Does marriage to a US citizen confer citizenship on you?

Basic criteria to be eligible for US citizenship is to be a green card holder and above 18 years of age. Through the marriage to a US citizen the spouse can get green card after the third anniversary. Following which he or she qualifies to apply for US citizenship using the immigration Form N-400 ca (MORE)

What should you do to get citizenship through marriage?

As a spouse of a U.S. citizen you may apply for citizenship after becoming a permanent resident (green card) for 3 years instead of the 5 years normally required of immigrants. There are other requirements as well such as being able to read, write and understand English and pass the citizenship exam (MORE)

What ground is used for divorce that involves the voluntary departure of one spouse without the consent of the other?

In the Western world there is no such grounds for divorce. A spouse does not need the consent of the other spouse to leave. This is the twenty first century. A husband (you must mean a husband since women never had such control over their husbands) no longer has such authority over his wife. In t (MORE)