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Is there going to be a dangerous girls 3?

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dangerous girlsthere is dangerous girls 1
and 2 is the taste of night
the first one is about two twin sister who become vampires cause they were bittin by one at a camp
and the second one is about how destiny is cured and livvy chooses to be a vampire forever and destiny wants livvy to come back to them
R.L. Stine is the author of those books
I'm asking if they are going to make a third book of it
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Is there going to be a Cheetah Girls 3?

Answer . Yes,I think there will be I hurd on the radio that there will be one!. THE CHEETAH GIRLS ONE WORLD IS PART THREE BIG DUMB DUMB.. yes its cheetah girls 3 one worl

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The 2nd movie just came out this year. I think it is a little too soon to be wondering if the 3rd movie will be made. I really hope so though, i absolutely love Mean Girls!

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Three similes from this book are (pg 48): "The kid looks LIKE he just lost a boxing match with a gorilla!" (pg 16): "He started to scream LIKE a banshee." and the last one, (p