Is there hyenas in Lebanon?

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From 10 years ago Lebanon was full of hyenas but now because of the deforestation and the uncontrolled hunting there is still a little bit of hyenas and bears.
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Where is Lebanon?

The country of Lebanon is mountainous, bounded on the north and east by Syria , on the west by the Mediterranean and on the south by Israel . Between the parallel mountai

What is a hyena?

the hyena lives in Africa and Asia. it is part cat part dog and it won't usually hunt its own food it eats remains of a lion or leopards meal. ----------------------------

What eats hyenas?

lions are the main predators of Hyenas. Some tribes used to eat hyaena in Africa and Asia... It was considered a magical animal and had healing powers...In the Muslim religion

Can hyenas laugh?

no, hyenas cant laugh but they make a chuckling noise that sounds like a laugh. =)

Do hyenas eat dead hyenas?

They might but not their family. If a hyena gets attacked and gets killed and the family members see it get killed they don't eat it. The same with the different kinds of hyen

How do hyenas survive?

Hyenas survive by eating, staying healthy, and traveling with their clan. They are mainly scavengers, but they also hint some of their food.

Do hyenas hunt? groups I would classify hyenas as being more opportunist than hunter, as they are the best in the art of tribal scavenging. They are bullies and pro's at intimidating a

Is Mount Lebanon in Lebanon?

Mount Lebanon was a province in Lebanon during the ottoman period, the French expanded it to become Lebanon. Currently, Mount Lebanon is one of 6 governorates of Lebanon, and
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Why are hyenas named laughing hyenas?

Hyenas are name laughing hyenas because if you listen to a tape of a noise they make at night time while hunting for food it will sound like a mean laugh.