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Is tooth consider as a bone?

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a tooth is concidered a bone!
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Is your tooth a bone?

No, teeth are not bones. Is the "skin" lining your stomach skin? It is soft like your "outside skin," but it is not the same. Bones are defined by the presence of osteoblast

Where do you get the bone in shark tooth island?

You have to go to the Ancient Ruins and enter the cave. Basically, you can just fall down. Hop from log to log, and at the dead end, jump onto the shifting ledge above you. Wh

Where do you get the bone on Shark Tooth island?

The bone is down in the underground ruins. You will find it at the bottom of the hole with spikes on its sides, just left of the statue with the giant centipede on it.

Are Tooth bones?

  see: are teeth bones? http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Are_teeth_bones <<< Click to see

How is tooth enamel different from bone?

Enamel is developed during infancy and adolescence only. Once the tooth has erupted into the mouth, no more enamel is created. Enamel has no innervation and no blood supply. I