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Topoisomerase is not a restriction enzyme but an enzyme that keeps unwound DNA from tangling while it is being replicated.
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What are sources of restriction enzymes?

  Restriction enzymes are made by the ribosomes in bacteria. For information on which bacteria produce which specific restriction enzymes, some can be found in a table nea

What are restriction enzymes?

Restriction enzymes (also known as restriction endonucleases) are proteins which cut DNA up at specific sequences in the genome. For example, the commonly used restriction end

What is a restriction enzyme?

A restriction enzyme (also known as restriction endonuclease) is protein which cuts DNA up at specific sequences (called restriction sites) in a genome. For example, the commo

How do restriction enzymes work?

Restriction enzymes are used for genetic engineering. they expose the base sequence of a DNA fragment. The enzymes cut the phosphate backbones of DNA molecules at specific bas

What does a restriction enzyme do?

Restriction enzyme cuts double or single stranded DNA at a specific recognition nucleotide sequences known as restriction site.  

What are restriction enzymes used for?

Restriction enzymes are used in lab for cutting DNA sequences at specific sites.The RE used will cut only at its recognized site. expose the base sequence of a DNA fragment.

How can restriction enzymes be used?

Restriction enzymes are often sourced from bacteria. They cut DNA at specific sequences and so can be used to create fragments of DNA from whole strands. The characteristic pa

What function does the enzyme topoisomerase have?

The function of topoisomerase is to unwind the helix of DNA into a regular, ladder-like shape. Topoisomerase is only found in primates. In other organisms, the molecule is cal
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What is restriction enzyme cleavage site?

The restriction enzyme cleavage site is a specific site on the DNA strand that has a defined sequence of nucleotides. The restriction enzyme recognizes this sequence, binds to

What is the purpose of restriction enzyme?

There main purpose is to cut up viral DNA that invades bacteria. Since they do this at definite sites, depending on which restriction enzyme is used, they can be used in genet
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What are the uses of restriction enzymes in biotechnology?

Restriction enzymes or endonucleases are like cutting enzymes fro DNA These are used to cut nucleotides at particular sites These have imp use in gene cloning,gene mapping,g