Is total debt considered the same as total liabilities?

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it depends if you include current liablitites in total debt then yes total debt is equal to total liab otherwise not
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What is considered the total loss of a car?

In general, a vehicle is declared a total loss when the repair cost exceeds some percentage of its actual cash value; that percentage may differ by state and is usually provided by law. Actual cash value is measured by market value of the vehicle prior to the collision. It takes into account make (MORE)

What is total debt?

Total debt is the sum of your long-term liabilities and currentliabilities. In simple terms, your total debt is the total of allthat you owe.

What happens after your car is totaled and you only have liability?

If a car is totaled in an accident and only liability insurance ispresent, there is a chance that the other party's insurance willpay for the vehicle if the accident was their fault. If a car istotaled, but no others were involved, then the responsibility fallson the registered owner. This will not (MORE)

What is the total national debt of the United States?

Currently over $9.6 trillion. Keep in mind that the "total national debt" = "total public debt" + "total intergovernmental debt". Often when you hear that the "national debt" has been decreased (i.e. during the Clinton years), they mean only that the "total public debt" has been decreased, which is (MORE)

Total debt to total asset ratio?

Loan companies typically look at your debt to total asset ratiowhen making lending decisions. If your debt is more than 50 percentof your total assets, they may not give you a large loan.

Is shareholders equity include in the total liability?

By definition, the answer is no. Total liabilities include current and long term liabilities and the sum is "Total Liabilities". Looking at the definition below, the difference between "total liabilities" and "total assets" results in the SH equity. Shareholders' Equity = Total Assets - Total Liabi (MORE)

If you have total assets total liabilities and share holders fundshow do you figure out the net income?

The three items mentioned, total assets, total liabilities and shareholder funds, on their own, cannot be used to figure out net income.. To figure out net income for a period, one would need the above information for the beginning of the period and the end of the period. From there, a net income (MORE)

In total owners equity are liabilities included?

No, Liabilities are not included in the total OE. Remember the account equation... Assets = Liabilities + Owners Equity If you have the total of your Assets and Liabilities, to find your OE then the equation would be written as this.. Assets - Liabilities = OE

What does the your insurance company do to a car if it is totaled and you only have liability coverage?

If you caused the accident and you totaled your car and you only have liability insurance, your insurance company does not do anything to your car. The car was taken away by the tow truck driver. You may pay to haul it somewhere to be repaired or you may sell it to a junk yard. If the other driver c (MORE)

Total Debt to Equity Ratio formula?

Sum of all liabilities divided by sum of equity. E.g.: A company owes £150,000 as a bank loan, and has a share capital of £1,000,000. The debt/equity ratio is 15 per cent. This ratio is also known as "gearing" or "leverage".

Does total debt equal total assets minus total equities?

Yes, the accounting equation, total assets = total liabilities + total equity, may be rewritten to determine total debt as being equal to total assets - total of owner's equity. Simply stated, the total assets (the firm's value) is broken up between total debt (what you owe) and owner's equity (what (MORE)

How was WWI considered a total war?

because in a total war all nations in the war mobilized all of their avaible resources in order to destroy another nations ability to engage in war-incorrect C'est un guerre totale parce que toute les nations dans le guerre a mobiliser pour detruit l'Allemagne et les aliers

What is the ideal ratio for total debt ratio?

Basically there is no absolute plug number. It differs from one firm to another. Say for instance: a starting fast growth High-tech firm normally will have higher ratio than a mature profitable one. The same goes from industry to industry: transportation VS pharmaceuticals. Conclusion: each firms (MORE)

Is short term debt the same as current liabilities?

Current liabilities are liabilities that are due within 12 months. Short term debt is a current liability. However, there are other current liabilities. For example, taxes payable, interest payable, wages payable, accounts payable. Therefore, short term debt is not the same as current liabilities. (MORE)

How is it possible to be totally broke and in debt and be Republican?

Yes, Republicans are not all rich white people. My veiw What you believe, what your politics are, how you deal with your financial situation and how lucky you were with the financial disaster has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat. If it did the world would be a much better place

Is total expenses a liability?

This is a good question, as a lot of people confuse expenses and liabilities. Expenses and liabilities are not the same thing. A liability is a balance sheet account that represents a probable future sacrifice of economic benefits resulting from an obligation. For example, inventory purchased on cr (MORE)

How can you find out the total amount od debt you have?

You can always contact the credit bureaus to find out exactly how much debt you have. They don't take into account any debt that is not filed, such as $20 to your best friend, etc. but the big stuff like credit cards, auto and school loans, and house payments are all recorded with any of the 3 credi (MORE)

Is short-term debt the same as current liabilities?

Essentially, yes. Many times a company has Long-term debt , with a certain amount to be repaid within the year. On the company's balance sheet they will have the remaining amount of their Long-term debt included in Non-Current Liabilities, while in Current liabilities they will have the Curre (MORE)

What is total credit card debt?

Total credit card debt currently amounts to about 962 billion dollars. The average credit card debt per owning household is 14,750 dollars. Approximately 609.8 million credit cards are currently in USA, with credit card users having an average of 3.5 cards each. Young people have credit card balance (MORE)

Will liability insurance pay off your vehicle if it is totaled?

Your own liability insurance will never pay for the damage to your property or for your medical expenses. Your collision insurance pays for damage to your property, if it is your fault. Your Uninsured Motorist Insurance or Underinsured Motorist Insurance pays for damage to your property if caused by (MORE)

What is total Liabilities and Net worth?

Net worth is the difference between total assets minus totalliabilities while total liabilities means the total debt payable bycompany in short as well as in long term.

Which companies are totally free of debt?

Companies which are free from debt are certainly in the minority, in many cases debt is accumulated to allow a project or product to be completed and then paid down once its brought to market, For companies who are struggling their reliance on debt becomes more common. The largest example of a com (MORE)