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HIV Chain Reaction In that one person is infected by another, then infects a third person, who then goes on to infect another person, yes, HIV is a chain reaction. It is spread through human conctact and transmission of the virus through the blood and body fluids.
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What was the chain reaction that led to the WW1?

Answer . The assassination of Franz Ferdinand led to Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia which led to Russia mobilizing, followed by Germany declaring war on Russia, wh

What is the purpose of polymerase chain reaction?

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is used to amplify DNA samples so there are enough copies present to do further experiments.

What is a Polymerase chain reaction?

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is used to amplify nucleic acids. It was invented in its current form by Kary Mullins in 1983/1986. The template (DNA or RNA) is duplicated b

Define chain reaction?

When a series of events occurs and each event was caused by the  previous event, this is called a chain reaction. The domino effect  is an example of a chain reaction.

How does Polymerase Chain Reaction work?

The DNA fragment is placed into a thermocycler at 95°, this temperature breaks the hydrogen bonds between the double stranded DNA fragment. The thermocycler is then cooled to

What causes a nuclear chain reaction?

Heavy, unstable elements like Plutonium or Uranium has far more neutrons than protons intheir nucleus. When they are exposed to more neutrons, they become unstable and split u

How is the chain reaction in a nuclear reaction controlled?

The control of the chain reaction in a nuclear reaction is accomplished in a number of ways, and this will depend on the reaction being controlled. In nuclear reactors, the mo

Explain how a chain reaction can be controlled?

If you're asking scientifically: A nuclear chain reaction (which is a continuous series of nuclear fission reactions) can only be controlled/stopped by a material that can abs

Why is PCR called a chain reaction?

PCR can repeatedly duplicate a DNA (or RNA) fragment, so it's a chain reaction. After each cycle, PCR can repeat and repeat again to produce many copies of the same DNA segmen

What is the most common method of HIV transmission?

Unprotected sex accounts for the majority of new HIV infections. HIV is transmitted through contact with blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk. While coming in contact wi

How can you prevent the transmission of HIV and AIDS?

  Dont share liquids with any other person. These are some examples of ways you can get these deseases: Kissing, sexual behavore, drinking after another person, being "Blo
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How is a nuclear chain reaction started?

Uranium produces spontaneous fissions in small numbers, and each fission releases two or three free neutrons, so there is always a source of neutrons present in any assembly o
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What is a chain reaction?

A chain reaction is the continuation of a reaction initiated by the reaction itself. In some cases it is a closed reaction, where the repetition ends. In others, it will conti

Does male circumcision prevent HIV transmission?

No, circumcision does NOT prevent the transmission of HIV. Condoms can dramatically reduce the chance of HIV transmission. There's some evidence that circumcised men face a l