Is underage sperm from a boy ok?

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If it's not mature, yes.
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Is it ok for boys to wear panties?

What you do in the privacy of your trousers is your own affair. A surprising number of men enjoy the feeling of women's underwear. Of course, if word gets out, you're in for a lot of teasing, and some folks will say you're a sicko. They should probably tend to their own gardens. Well, i am 12, i (MORE)

How far can you go with a boy if your underage?

Answer . Be careful. If you're already thinking about this, then be careful you don't get yourself and the boy into trouble. If you were to hold hands, or even kiss, that would be plenty far for kids of any age. Don't be in a hurry to lose something that you can never get back. I'm not suggestin (MORE)

How far can you go with a boy if you are both underage?

Answer . To my knowledge... you can date but not get very physical. If you happen to get physical.. the one who is older would go to jail (if someone knew that happened) and the younger one would be tested to see if they had/caught any sexually transmitted diseases from the older person. . to (MORE)

How far can you go with a boy if you're both underage?

Answer . I don't know exactly how old you are,but I will try to answer your question. I feel like if you are not old enough to get a job yet,handle the cost of a baby,(which they are very expensive) or old enough to live on your own then you are not old enough to go all the way.At your age,I wou (MORE)

Is it ok for boys to tan?

Of course! In fact, you should tan because it is said that having a tan makes you look better. Just make sure to use a light sunscreen to prevent from burning.

Is it ok for women to swallow sperm?

The woman must have some knowledge of the male's prior encounters. Have they been devoted lovers for a goodly while? If so, the probability of serious microbial contaminants in his semen is small. If he seems to be a devoted family man, despite the wandering about to occur, he may be clean but the (MORE)

Is it ok for a boy to steal panties?

To steal anything is illegal. I am speaking from personal experience here. I am sorry to all you women whose lingerie I violated. Please forgive me. This is a no-brainer. No, it's not ok. It is immoral as you are invading a very private and personal area of women's lives. And they are not cheap. Ma (MORE)

A boy sucks on boy sperm can he get stds?

If the other boy is healthy = doesn't have any STDs, (and of alegal age to have sex) there's no danger to it. It doesn't reallydo you any good, but it's harmless. . If the other boy does have a STD, then you can catch it.

How do boys get sperm?

The boy must go through a lifestage called puberty (ages 12-15 average). This stage involves glands in the body which secrete hormones involved with sperm production in the testes.

Is licking sperm ok?

Yes. if you and your partner are clean and free from any std's it's absolutly fine, my wife gives me oral sex frequently and swallows the contents no problem what so ever. hope that helps.

Is it ok for boys to go shirtless?

There is no reason why not if it is because of the weather being warm. Just cover up when walking in shopping areas as it may be unhygienic.

Can an underage boy in Ky be forced to pay child support?

Yes! Minors are not seen as adults in civil legal matters and must have an adult representative during legal matters, including child support suits. A minor parent, when applying for child support services, should provide the name and contact information of an adult who can serve as their next frien (MORE)

How does a boy get sperm?

A boy will start producing sperm when he reaches puberty. He has testes, and once puberty is under way, they will start making sperm cells. Other glands such as the prostate gland will make the fluid that mixes with it. And when he masturbates or has sex, it will come out of the penis in a process c (MORE)

Are sex toys ok for boys?

There are lots of Sex Toys out there for boys! (and boys can use toys that were made for girls too!) Here is a link to Babeland's men's toys section:

Is it ok for sperm to be clear?

It's perfectly normal. Most of the time that happens if say you've been masturbating continuously and aren't giving your sperm enough time to recharge. Don't worry. :)

Is it ok for sperm to fly out of the penis?

It is perfectly normal. Many guys semen and sperm is ejected by flying out of their penis hole. It happens when a boy has been masturbating a lot and holding the semen back from being ejaculated. After the tingle finally arrives, the sperm will just be ejected and the boy can have fun to watch his s (MORE)

Why do boys have sperms?

They have sperms to make babies. When a guys sperm is mixed with a girls a egg a baby is made

Is it ok for a boy to wear a bra?

I suppose, as it won't harm them. It just isn't that common. Boys who do that may be subjected to ridicule, though really, other people need to mind their own business.

Is it ok for boys to use makeup?

Personally I woulden't. I don't think it would matter if you just covered up a pimple or something. Just don't get carried away or you will just look bad.

Is it OK for boys to kiss?

Sure, if they are homosexual, it's completely normal, or in some cases when they are high or drunk, they can be straight...but just really messed up.. Actually, if one can free themselves of homophobia, guilt & hate and be somewhat metro-sexual ish , one might see more boys kissing more boys. Doesn (MORE)

Why do Turkish boys like underage girls?

in my oppinion all boys are after 1 thing. SEX. Boys might like underage girls because they have alot to learn and they are begginers when it comes to sex. Where as older women hav alot of experience and they have the sence to say no were as teenagerz are mostly after sex It's not just Turkish b (MORE)

Is it ok to ask a boy out?

Of course it is theres no law saying a girl cant ask a boy out!!! Maybe he even wanted to ask you out he just didn't know how!! So you make your first move!! Good Luck!!!

Is it OK that at 16 you cant produce sperm?

Don't worry about it as it will happen soon when you masturbate. Boys are all different when going through Puberty and find they will catch up with the early developers by the time they have finished.

Why does a boy make sperm?

A boy makes sperm in his testes once he reaches Puberty. It is produced as part of the reproduction system in making babies.

Can a boy produce sperm at 12?

You should be able to ejaculate at 12, but there is no way of knowing if you are producing sperm yet. If you are developing hair on your body and face, voice is or has changed, there is a fair chance you have sperm, but like every other part of growing up, it happens at different times with everyone (MORE)

What if a boy or a girl marries underage?

A boy or girl cannot get married legally when they are underage without a parent or parents permission and signing a legal document. If the young couple run away and their parents find them they may well annul the marriage; meaning they will undo the marriage.

Can an underage girl have a baby of a 16 year old boy?

The boy might be underage as well if the legal age is 18 where he lives. Physically she might depending on if she has started ovulating or not and if 16 is the legal age where he lives he can be charged with statutory rape but it all depends on the state laws. Having a baby this young is not a cleve (MORE)

Is it OK for a Boy Scout to lie?

Category:Scouting From The Boy Scout Handbook, Boy Scouts of America : A Scout is trustworthy. A Scout tells the truth. He is honest, and he keeps his promises. People can depend on him. .

Is it ok for christian to eat sperm?

Not if you're really devout. If you're really strict, you should only have sex in a way that might make a baby. Letting the sperm go elsewhere is seen as "wasting" it.

Is it ok to swallow lots of sperms?

Yes , there's nothing wrong with ingesting large quantities of the semen of a healthy man. The only dangers are those associated with performing oral sex on a man. The risk of contracting STDs by performing oral sex on a man include contracting gonorrhoea, HPV and HIV, but only if (1) the man has i (MORE)

Is it ok if your sons dating a boy?

yes its something people cannot help you cant choose what you wantits what lifes about youre either gay bi or straight and if youreson (if you have one or plan to) does go out with a boy support himdont bully or force him because thats not ok.