Is unseen strangers a oxymoron?

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No, it is not an oxymoron. Strangers are not classified as people who are "seen", so being unseen does not contradict the overall meaning.

What are unseen poems?

It can be a term for a poem that is unfamiliar or that you've never studied before. This term is used specifically in an examination for poetry (British General Certificate of

What is oxymoron?

A term consisting of two contradictory words. Example: Tiny Giant.Note: the out come of the term does not affect wether or not it isan oxymoron. Also, the words have to contra

What is an oxymoron?

An oxymoron is a conjoined pair of (seemingly) contradictory terms, e.g. deafening silence, pretty ugly, same difference, silent scream, or jumbo shrimp. The pairing, while a

Who the the unseen?

well, in my religion, islam, the unseen is the almighty god, allah. he is the one who created the earth and sent warnings to the mankind with holy prophets. visit the followin

What is unseen drama?

An unseen drama is sometimes used in tests at college. The student reads an excerpt of a play (or the whole thing if it is short) and writes an essay about it.
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Is oxymoron an oxymoron?

Yes. The common part of grammar/speech "Oxymoron", is technicality a, well, oxymoron. The first part of the phrase, "Oxy" means smart, Whereas "Moron", as we know, means dimwi
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What are unseen energies?

unseen energies are energies, such as electricity or radiation, that are invisible to the naked human eye. these energies can be detected by certain machines specialized for f
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What is unseen culture?

Unseen culture is culture in the form of ideas. For example in America it is an unseen culture that we believe that dormancy is the best form of government.