Is vivian desena n sukriti kandpal in relations with each other in real life?

it wouid be great if they will be together i love their couple and i am waiting to hear this news.......
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Who is sukriti kandpal husband?

Vivian dsena is sukirti kandpal husband.and sukirti kandpal is vivian desena wife in pyar ke yeh kahani in real life she didnt married yet.although she have a boyfriend.
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Does vivian dsena likes sukirti kandpal?

they are made for each other.............the jodis like them are very rare.....such a perfection is not always possible.............they could be happy with each other........ (MORE)

Who is the girl frieng of vivian desena?

i know who is the girl friend of vivian. vhibz is not his real girl friend this is just kidng vivian's girlfriend should be as beautiful as he is............................
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