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Everything Is vulnerable to damage from lightning strikes
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How do lightning strikes cause bushfires?

Lightning strikes are the main natural cause of bushfires in Australia (human activity is the main overall cause). Australia is a very dry continent with lower rainfall than o

Why does lightning strike people?

When charged particles in the storm clouds, Positive in the bottoms and Negative at the top, also known as the 'anvil', gather in clumps, they can be sent downwards in the for

What are lightning strikes?

Large bolts of electricity coming from clouds. In some cases the bolt comes from the earth up to the cloud.

What damage can lightning do?

It can give you a eletric shock. Lightning can cause several adverse reactions. The most common is death upon being struck. Some lightning strikes can cause the person struc

Why did lightning strike?

  If your asking why does it strike at all, it's because of the negative charges the atrract the energy.   If your asking why does it strike at all, it's because of the

Where does lightning strike?

Lightning strikes the highest point first, whether it is a lightning rod, tree or telephone pole.

What parts of the body are most vulnerable to lightning damage?

Many victims of lightning strikes die from burns and heart failure, and non-fatal strikes have been known to cause moderate to severe damage to the central nervous system. Man

Can a lightning strike hit a router and damage a wireless device?

If lightning hit's any computer related device, or any thing. it's fried. Where is your router, On the roof high up?! I don't think your router is at risk at getting hit by li

Why does lightning strike a lightning rod?

It usually does that because it's the highest thing around. .....When there is a point on a conductor charge can gather more there, causing the air around the conductor/ligh