Is westernization a cultural degradation or enrichment?

is westernization is degradation or enrichment
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Is Indian culture is submerged with Western culture?

Fortunately or unfortunately it is true that Indian culture nowadays is submerged with western culture. The Indian culture has its root at the ancient Vedic age. Invasions by (MORE)
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What does Cultural enrichment mean?

Its a modern term which means experiencing another culture. For example, going to eat in a restaurant of a different culture can provide enrichment to the individual. By seein (MORE)

The Role of the Cultural Psychologist in Society

How does the presence of other people determine your behavior? While there are myriad biological causes for human behavior, social psychology concerns itself with how the pres (MORE)

Nutritional Benefits of Enriched Rice Milk

Enriched rice milk is a popular dairy milk substitute for people who are either lactose intolerant or who do not wish to consume animal products. It contains high amounts of m (MORE)
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Deaf Culture

While deaf people can be found in every possible race, nationality, religion, and culture, there is actually a singular culture that is common to the entire Deaf community. Ma (MORE)
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Identifying the Western Grebe

The western grebe makes its home in the west part of the United States and off of the Pacific Coast. The western grebe is very similar to another bird, the Clark's grebe. In f (MORE)

Chinese Culture: Frequently Asked Questions for Travelers

Chinese culture is a mystery for many people who live in the Western world, although Eastern cultural elements have mixed with the Western lifestyle. China is a powerful count (MORE)

Bulgarian Culture

If you have decided to travel to Eastern Europe, Bulgaria is one of the oldest Balkan and European countries, created in 681. It is situated in the center of the Balkan penins (MORE)

What are the importances of cultural enrichment in tourism?

Cultural enrichment in a tour is indeed needed as it helps a traveler to know about the country in many ways. Through cultural enrichment you would be able to know about the l (MORE)

How did western culture influence Indian culture?

They only help to develop the country futther, there is no harm in accepting somebody's else's good things if it helps to make the lifestyle better... western culture has robb (MORE)
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What is degradation?

Any act that will disturb the environment in an undesirable or  deleterious way refers to degradation. During such a process,  resources such as soil, water and air are depl (MORE)