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Yes it is free to watch videos and put on your own! Basically, it is completely free
Yes it is free but u have to be 16 or over
It is a free video-sharing website, however it is not so full of 'free-dom' as they will hunt you down for copyright and such if you breach their silly laws.
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How do you download free music from YouTube?

you open up youtube, then you create a new tab and type in www.listentoyoutube.com and you search a lyric video for what ever song you want and you copy the link of the youtub

How can i download music free from YouTube?

(1) you just copy the song URL and send it to vidtomp3.com and make it paste then press download again download mp3 and the song will save to youre computer(2) You can downl

Is YouTube free to join?

Yes it is completely free! Just click sign up in the top left of the homepage.

How do I save videos for free on YouTube?

There is a program called "YouTube Downloader" that allows you to download YouTube videos by inserting in the URL. And it doesn't cost a single penny. And you can download the

Is a YouTube account free?

Yes. It costs you nothing to create a youtube account.

Is doenloading YouTube videos free?

I don't know but if you watch them straight from youtube on your computer it's free except your electric bill. :D

Is it free to create an account on youtube?

yes, just go to youtube and follow instructions.   I believe you can sign in with your Google Accounts username and password too.

Are YouTube accounts free?

  yes youtube accounts are free and all you need to do is sign up.

Is signing up on YouTube free?

Signing up for a YouTube account is completely free. However, you obviously will need an internet connection, which costs money. The YouTube site is not completely free, thoug
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Why YouTube is free?

it is because 2 beautiful girls named Julia and dani had to have a site that everyone could see their beauty , so the owner of YouTube made it free so that everyone could see

What movies on YouTube are copyright-free?

Because copyright protection is automatic, virtually everything you encounter online will be protected. The exceptions would be works created by the federal government, and wo