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Yes it is free to watch videos and put on your own! Basically, it is completely free
Yes it is free but u have to be 16 or over
It is a free video-sharing website, however it is not so full of 'free-dom' as they will hunt you down for copyright and such if you breach their silly laws.
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Is YouTube free on the iPod touch?

Yes, YouTube is as free on an iPod touch as it is on your home computer. All you need is an internet connection (Wi-Fi) and YouTube is just one tap away!

Is YouTube free on itouch?

In the I touch youtube and the internet is free also facebook is free too! I hope this helped =)

What is a free YouTube account I can use?

All YouTube accounts are free, you just have to sign up for a Google Account and then connect it to YouTube. See Related Links.

Why YouTube is free?

it is because 2 beautiful girls named Julia and dani had to have a site that everyone could see their beauty , so the owner of YouTube made it free so that everyone could see

Is YouTube free on iPad?

Yes, the iPad comes with an app for YouTube. And you can see free movies for ipad in YouTube.