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Malayalam explain gold zakath in Islam?

malayalikkay parayaam   Goldintey zakath mattu zakathil ninnu alpam vethyasam undu oru muslim sthrrekk darikkaan islam anuvadichathum kazhich adhikamundenkiley zakath kodu

Who is it that answers these questions?

Everybody can. Everybody answers these questions, sometimes with  opinion, sometimes with fact. But everybody (especially the users  with accounts) can provide answers to th

Where are the answers to the questions?

Finding Answers     Answers to questions appear on the question pages themselves, directly under the questions. For example, this is an answer.     Not all que

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The question 'Are you alive?' cannot be answered with 'No.' There's a riddle that goes, 'What's the only question that can never truthfully be answered no?' The answer is 'A

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Do you answer Islamic questions?

This website answers questions concerning Islam, Islamic History,  and Islamic Doctrine, but, as of yet, there is no qualified Islamic  Imam or Islamologist who answers ques