Islamic general questions and answers Malayalam?

quran athimayi parayanam cheytha veedu
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Who is it that answers these questions?

Everybody can. Everybody answers these questions, sometimes with  opinion, sometimes with fact. But everybody (especially the users  with accounts) can provide answers to th (MORE)

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Malayalam explain gold zakath in Islam?

malayalikkay parayaam   Goldintey zakath mattu zakathil ninnu alpam vethyasam undu oru muslim sthrrekk darikkaan islam anuvadichathum kazhich adhikamundenkiley zakath kodu (MORE)

Interview seo questions and answers?

if you are going to giving interview in online marketing|seo industry you should knowledge about basic question of seo what is crawling what is search engine optimization w (MORE)

What Generals Do in the Military

The commissioned officer ranks of the Army, Air Force, and Marines have at the top of chain the rank of general. They, along with the Navy rank of admiral, are called "flag of (MORE)