You are the first female commentator to be hired to a poker television broadcast (on the Heartland Poker Tour). What does your female perspective add to the poker discussion?

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Malayalam explain gold zakath in Islam?

Malayalam explain gold zakath in Islam?

malayalikkay parayaam   Goldintey zakath mattu zakathil ninnu alpam vethyasam undu oru muslim sthrrekk darikkaan islam anuvadichathum kazhich adhikamundenkiley zakath kodu

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What question can not be answered ''no''?

What question can not be answered ''no''?

The question 'Are you alive?' cannot be answered with 'No.' There's a riddle that goes, 'What's the only question that can never truthfully be answered no?' The answer is 'A

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Rhetorical questions are when the person asking the question expects no answer. In other words, its when an answer does not need to be said, because the one asking the questio