What is the difference between ihrem ihrer and ihren in German?

The possessive pronoun. Answer . The word ihr is a possessive pronoun and can mean her or their .. It belongs to this group of pronouns:. mein - my (mine) . dein (MORE)

Was ist Samba?

Samba is a type of music used by Brazilians but was invented by African slaves. --or-- Auf Deutsch, wei dei Frage ist. Samba ist eine Art von Musik von Brasilianern verw (MORE)

Woher hat die sturmmaske ihren namen?

Woher hat die Sturmmaske ihren Namen? translates as where did the balaclava get its name from? The balaclava was a knitted head covering first issued to British troops (MORE)
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Was ist buschmeat?

Es gibt Fleisch vom Busch... Fleisch von wilde Tiere. (I hope that's acceptable German... I'm confident the roots are right, but I may have mixed up the gender or idiom.)
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What is a single-ist?

From what i've heard its a person who stays with, or "mates" with one person for life, similar to certain bird species. They wo'nt date any other person because they are alrea (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Das wirkliche Blau - 1986?

The cast of Das wirkliche Blau - 1986 includes: Marijam Agischewa as Luisa Werner Dissel Fernando Gallardo Pedro Hebenstreit Horst Hiemer Peter Kalisch Ursula Karusseit Blanch (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Die wirkliche Liebe - 1937?

The cast of Die wirkliche Liebe - 1937 includes: Nora Brand Hans Brausewetter as Hans Hofmann Colette Corder as Rita Merk Lisl Kinast as Anneli Katja Pahl Leo Peukert as Kapel (MORE)