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jntu 2-1 mfcs questionpaper answer key
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JNTU 2-1 subjects for cse?

Probability and Statistics Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science Advanced Data Structures Data Logic Design Unix and Shell Programming Managerial Economics an

How 2 get migration certificate from jntu?

  you have to take a DD of Rs100 /- from bank in favor of registrar jntu hyderabad(the universtiy you r applying) and have to fill the migration application and has to sub

Are there JNTU previous 1 B-Tech EDC question papers with answers?

In the Related Link below you can find 14000+jntu previous examination question papers DAILY UPDATES of B.TECH, M.TECH, MCA, MBA site already hav some papers in the follow

Where can you find JNTU previous question papers for 2-1 for IT?

Just Visit Biggest Student Resources Website in Andhra Pradesh in the Related Link below. The complete information about Colleges, Institutes and Universities in Andhra Prad