John went to the store to buy some paint. The clerk gave him a large stack of cards that were representative of the colors available. John told the clerk there were two green cards that he thought wer?

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Is it okay or not okay for the clerk to request ID when a credit card is used?

From Visa:. "Although Visa Rules do not preclude merchants from asking for cardholder ID, merchants cannot make an ID a condition of acceptance. Therefore, merchants cannot refuse to complete a purchase transaction because a cardholder refuses to provide ID. Visa believes merchants should not ask f (MORE)

What's an example of card stacking?

It is an advertising technique. Card Stacking is used when the best features of a product are emphasize but problems that the product can cause are made to seem less important. Like when you see an advertisement for medication on T.V. They tell you all the great things about it, but the side effects (MORE)

Does a store need to honor the price of an item as marked When you took a soccer ball to the clerk to pay they said the sticker price was wrong and it was an additional 2 you thought there was a law s?

Store clerks and companies make mistakes sometimes. Also, sometimessigns and tags will get mixed up customers. Usually if the companyis at fault for a pricing error, they will print a retraction. Ifthe clerk is at fault, sometimes they can override the price andsometimes thy can not. It all depends (MORE)

Could a 13 year old work as a clerk at a store?

The Fair Labor Standards Act states that the minimum age for employment is 14 years old. A 14-year old that is a full-time student would be allowed to work in a retail establishment as long as the employer has obtained certifications from the Department of Labor. A business could be fined $10,000 fo (MORE)

How do you stack a deck of playing cards?

it is now how that you stack the deck but it is more important that you know how the cards are laid out and shuffle in a way that you know the order before you shuffled and after.

What is the value of a John Kitna card?

John Kitna played quarterback in the NFL beginning in 1999. He hadseveral cards made so the value would depend on the year of thecard and the condition of the card. However, even a rookie JohnKitna card is only worth $1 to $2 unless it is an autographed copy.

What stores can you buy the bakigan card game in?

You can buy bakigan card games and toys in your local toy stores such as toys r us or some supermarkets .Also can be found at target and kmart .Starter pack prices are $17 dollars (australian)and normal monster packs are $10 (australian) dollars. hope this helps!!!. jack flanagan

What is the value of a 1990 John Elway card?

1990 Topps John Elway card number 37 A 1990 Topps John Elway card number 37 has a book value of about $1.25 in Near Mint - Mint condition. Professionally graded cards will sell for more. Condition is important. Common flaws with football cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and f (MORE)

Are Series 3 Webkinz Trading cards available in stores?

Yes. They are available in some stores! :) Hi, I'm another person. there arent going to be much more series 3 trading cards, cause they came out with series 4 now. good luck finding them, cause they will be rare soon! PS. i know where they sell the RAREST TRADING CARDS EVER! - series 1, i said yup, (MORE)

What does a store clerk do?

A store clerk is extremely important, she or he can be the most imperative part of the shoppers experience..For instance, a store clerk who is rude, though they may not own the small or large business, could be detrimental to the customers return; and a helpful, kind store clerk may make the custome (MORE)

What is a clerk?

A clerk is a person that helps file things or they can help you find what you need in a store

Can a clerk at a store make random checks of customers' bags?

This will probably be controlled by the state shoplifting statute. Many states have specific laws governing how a suspected shoplifter is identified and apprehended. However nothing would prevent a clerk from asking, and whether or not the search was 'lawful'. anything found would be admissible i (MORE)

What president was a store clerk?

Abraham Lincoln was a store clerk in New Salem, IL, when he was a young man. . He supposedly walked a long distance to return some money to a woman that he overpriced even though it was by 7 cents. Ulysses Grant worked as a clerk in his father's leather goods store for a year or so in Galena, IL (MORE)

Was Washington a store clerk?

Yes he was. He owned his fathers store when his father died. Then when he went off in the war his sisters took over the store.

What is card stacking propaganda?

This tool tells only one side of the story as if there were no opposing view or other consideration. It "stacks the deck," selecting only favorable evidence to lead the audience to the desired conclusion.

Can a person tell the credit card company that the debt they owe is someone elses as they gave funds to that person. I thought that if it was your card it was your debt?

I'm sure they can tell the credit-card company anything they like. Whether it makes a difference is another question. The card-holder has the contract with the credit-card company. There is no way they could legally go after someone else for payment of the debt, unless they were also a signatory (MORE)

Does a store clerk need to check the 3 security numbers on the rear of a credit card?

The answer depends on the store's policy on processing credit card transactions. Every merchant that accepts credit cards has a policy concerning how they choose to authenticate credit cards. Generally, the more checks that the merchant does, the lower the cost of the transaction for that merchant (MORE)

What is a store clerk?

A store clerk is a person who may be at the cashier, walking around the store asking people if they need help, or even a manager.

Why does john cena like the color green?

he likes the color green cause he why do some ppl like blue.same thing.and we don't know for sure he likes the color green but it can be possible though.

You bought a cross with jesus on it to wear around your neck to make jesus clolse to your heart for being crucified for your sins you went to buy a chain and was told by the clerk that you should not?

you shouldn't need something like that to make Jesus close to your heart. You should accept Him as your Saviour and ask Him in your heart. That's how you can be close to Him. and don't buy crosses with Jesus on it because Jesus isn't on the cross anymore hes been resurrected and He ascended into Hea (MORE)

Can a town clerk open your mail when you have told her not to?

No - your mail is private. No one can open your mail without a search warrant. There are certain exemptions for national security and postal regulations. However, if the mail is addressed to you in your official capacity as a city employee, at the town council's address, that may be a different m (MORE)

Why do store clerks mark US Currency with a marker?

This is how a store clerk explained it to me when I asked the same question: They "mark" the bills with a special marker to determine if the the bill is counterfeit. If the bill is legit, the marker does not put a mark on it, but if it is counterfeit, the marker will leave a streak.

Can you buy a Starbucks card in the store?

Yes, they can often be found on a little rack on or near the counter. They are activated once purchased, so it doesn't really matter if they get stolen because stolen cards will not work.

Where to buy a club penguin card in a store?

you can buy a clubpenguin card in kmart and target they are uselly in stacks on shelfs in the toys section near the toy puffles penguins a ect hope that helps you Good Luck :)

Can you buy a Color LaserJet with a credit card?

If you wish to purchase a color LaserJet Printer, most stores now do take credit cards so you should not have any problem at all making this purchase with a credit card. If you are buying one used, then you will likely have to pay cash, but when purchased in a store I don't think you will have any t (MORE)

In which stores can one buy a NIC card?

If you are looking for a store to purchase a N.I.C card I would recommend you purchase one from a store online to get it at the best price or if you want to receive this product as soon as you can I would recommend you buy it at a retail store.

Can you buy card against humanity in a store?

No. Currently you cannot. You can only buy Cards Against Humanity online on their officialwebsite or on Amazon. You can play online as well on a number of free websites. See Related Links

What are the benefits of a John Lewis Partnership card?

There are several benefits to having a John Lewis Partnership Card.One would earn points in various MasterCard outlets worldwide, get access to various, exclusive cardholder events and special offers, have the ability to convert one's points into vouchers which will grant them various discounts and (MORE)

What type of jobs are available for a clerk?

There are a lot of available jobs for people who wants to work as a clerk. There are administrative clerks, general clerks and accounting clerks. It all depends what the person wants.

What are the advantages of having a John Lewis card?

A John Lewis account card provides the services of a usual credit card, with advantages like representative 16.9% APR variable and up to 56 days of interest-free credit. However, it is no longer possible to apply for a John Lewis card, as it has been replaced by the John Lewis Waitrose Partnership (MORE)

Which is the cheapest store to buy a calling card?

There is not one specific store that sells the cheapest calling card as different stores carry different types of cards. One can visit EZCALLS, Phone Card Store or Speedy Pin to purchase calling cards.