John went to the store to buy some paint. The clerk gave him a large stack of cards that were representative of the colors available. John told the clerk there were two green cards that he thought wer?

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What does a store clerk do?

A store clerk is extremely important, she or he can be the most imperative part of the shoppers experience..For instance, a store clerk who is rude, though they may not own th

What is a clerk?

A clerk is a person that helps file things or they can help you find what you need in a store

Does a store clerk need to check the 3 security numbers on the rear of a credit card?

The answer depends on the store's policy on processing credit card transactions. Every merchant that accepts credit cards has a policy concerning how they choose to authenti

What is a store clerk?

A store clerk is a person who may be at the cashier, walking around the store asking people if they need help, or even a manager.