Just a whoop and holler away?

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This is a mountain phrase that means "within hailing distance," which may be a mile or more away. It comes from the mountaineers' way of yodelling or whooping to each other from one height to another, once a common feature of the Swiss Alps and the Southern Appalachians.

Added: Agree with above answer - additionally - the "holler" referred to is actually the common idiomatic pronunciation of the word "hollow," meaning 'shallow mountain valley.' Thus; "Only a shout and valley away."
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The verb "holler" means to shout or yell. The term "hollering" is seldom used formally, having a connotation of rural slang. Examples: What was all the hollering about? He was hollering because I ran into his car.

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A holler is a valley in the Appalachian mountains -- it is dialect. The head of the holler would be the origin, or beginning of the holler.

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What is an antonym for hollered?

If you are having trouble with antonyms, come up with easier synomyms for the word and come up with antonyms for those easy words. In your case, "HOLLERED" can have many synonyms: screamed, squealed, called, etc. Some antonyms could be: whispered, softly-spoke, quietly-said etc.

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Lice are parasites that live off of human blood. They simply just do not go away because as long as they have a viable source of nurtition, they will stay there until they are removed.

Is hollered and announced the same meaning?

No... the proper way of saying hollered is saying that you shouted a bit longer than a shout. Announcing means that you just project your voice over a crowd and tell some news or even a speech. Therefore, hollered and announced do not match definitions.

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Is hollered an adjective?

It could be, but like the verb holler , it would be colloquial and rarely seen. "He ignored the hollered warnings and continued across the mine field." To holler is a colloquial verb meaning to yell or shout.