Kagamitan ng negrito indones at Malay?

espada (malay) buhay na bato (indones)
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Clothing of negrito?

Young women wear wrap around skirts, elder women wear bark cloth while elder men covers themselves with loincloths. The old women of the Agta group wear their bark cloth strip (MORE)

Di-maabot ng kawalang Malay?

  Summer is the most fashionable season ,in the summer many human become more fashionable,especially women and girl . so ,if you have a replica watches or omega watches (MORE)

Buod ng di maabot ng kawalang Malay ni edgardo m Reyes?

Noon ay kataimtimang minamalas ni Impong Sela ang kanyang lalabing-animing taong apong lalaki sa pagkakahigang walang katinag-tinag.Ang matanda'y nakaramdam ng isang biglang b (MORE)

What is the livelihood of negritos?

The Negritos live in parts of India, Thailand, Malaysia, and the  Philippines. They may earn their livelihoods from many different  activities, but the groups that live on t (MORE)

What is the religion of Negrito?

The word Negrito is used to describe many different ethnic groups  that make up the Australoid race. Their main religion is Animism.
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