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Kissin' kate barlow had blonde hair and blue eyes. she also had a deep compassion for a handyman named sam. she did not have the best teeth, but they were not terrible. one day, in a civil war, kate was a schoolteacher then, sam ran into a boat and got shot by one of the townsmen. she swore she would get revenge, so after she killed the men, she would kiss them. they called it the kiss of death. she had always wanted to be dead, when finally, she was sitting in front of her student and her student's fianc€. they threatene shed to kill her unless she told them where the money that she had stole from a countless number of banks. she said that she had wished to be dead for a long time. she grabbed a poisnous lizard and made it bite her so hard that it killed her. her dead corpse lay where she sat until she evaporated into the sand. more description kissin' kate in her early years, wore fancy, frilly dresses and gorgeous. after sam died she started wearing cowgirl suits because she became an outlaw.
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Is kissing Kate Barlow a villain in the book holes?

No kissin' Kate Barlow is perfectly fine. Even though MURDER is a sin it was against something that she could not hold with in her anger. She would let out her anger upon every guy she met. She would kill and kiss. Killing and kissin' was her little thing to help her remember that she kissed Sam and (MORE)

Is Kissing Kate Barlow a Villain?

No, she is not a villain and in the book. When one of her friends was killed, she got mad at everyone for being so stupid, and couldn't control her anger. She became so angry and depressed that she became an outlaw and stole Stanley Yelnats' money.. This may seem like a villain, but lots of people (MORE)

Is Kissing Kate Barlow real?

She was a real person however the story on Holes is not neccessarily true. Sadly there is relatively little information about her that can be found.

What caused Kissing Kate to become criminal?

Kissing Kate from Holes? Well Kissing Kate was in love with a guy in the movie a different race then her, which wasn't allowed at the time, so he got shot. She got mad and shot the guy who shot her one true love. Then she gave a kiss on the dead man's cheek, leaving a big lipstick mark. The man w (MORE)

Did kissing Kate Barlow exist?

holes the movie is not fully real Kissin Kate Barlow is real but she is not that bad of a person in my perspective Trout wanted her to like him but she liked sam the black man and when he, Trout saw sam and Katherine barlow kissin he set the school building on fire and shot sam then Katherine barlow (MORE)

Character description for ivy in kissed by an angel by elizabeth chandler?

Ivy is around 16-18 with blond messy hair. She was scared of water until her boyfriend Tristan taught her how. She believes in angels. She prays to them. She has statues of them too. Her little brother, Phillip believes in them as well. She has a new stepbrother Gregory, a new stepfather Andrew and (MORE)

When does Kissing Kate Barlow die?

She turns into a cowgirl and robs banks about halfway through the book and after 20 years of being a cowgirl a old stundent and her husband point a gun at her head so she gets a yellow spotted lizard to bite her sorry if this is a spoiler

Main characters in the kiss by kate Chopin?

The main character in this novel is Nathalie.This is because she appears to manipulate both of the man at the same time. She wants the Braintain's wealth and Harvy's love.

Conflict in the kiss by kate Chopin?

The most important conflict in this story is the choice between love and passion and a safe future (money). This is a problem many women in the 1800s were faced with, as money decided where one stood in society. In this particular story, Nathalie is faced with the decision between rich, but unattrac (MORE)

What is Gary Barlow's favorite color?

Gary Barlow favourite colour is red and then I likes blue then yellow then purple then orange. * My unluckiest colour is green and pink I hope the known else likes it because if they do i will call the po po on them. * These are my colours I hope you fiend these things useful this is really aw (MORE)

Literary devices of the kiss by kate Chopin?

Kate Chopin uses metaphor to enhance the plot : Nathalie thinks she has won both men in the game with manipolation, But Harvy leave to teach her that she cant have both money and love.

Practical analysis The kiss by Kate Chopin?

In â??The Kissâ??, the protagonistâ??s immoral intent is portrayedby a dark, intimate atmosphere of secrets and emotions. Theprotagonist decides to marry one man and illicitly carry on anaffair with another. Since the story is told through theprotagonistâ??s perspective, no sympathy for (MORE)

Should Kate kiss Jake?

DEFINITELY! she shouldn't even think about it just like DO IT especially kate r and Jake umm something (:

What happens in the book Sweet Deceit by kate Brian be descriptive please?

SPOILER ALERT Ariana, Kaitlynn, and a few of their friends are faced with tasks to complete as their way in to a secret society. At one question and answer session, Kaitlynn refuses to answer questions about her family, so, Lexa as one of the members, hires a private investigater to look into Kaitl (MORE)

Who is Gary Barlow's wife?

Gary Barlow's wife is called Dawn Barlow. Dawn was a backing dancer on Take That's Nobody Else tour, and they got together then. Dawn is still a professional dancer and was a main dancer on the Beautiful World tour. (She's Howard Donald's dance partner in It Only Takes A Minute, and is also introduc (MORE)

What did kissing kate barlow look like?

She had fairly long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a cowboy hat, jeans with a buckle belt and boots. She also wore shirts and blouses with waistcoats, and always carried around a gun.

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What crimes did kissing Kate Barlow do?

She either killed people or she mugged people; if she killed them, she would kiss them. But if she mugged them, she wouldn't kiss them and leave them with nothing.

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What are the ratings and certificates for Kiss Me Kate - 1953?

Kiss Me Kate - 1953 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G Canada:PG (Ontario) Canada:G (video rating) Finland:S Netherlands:AL (original rating) (1954) Sweden:Btl UK:U UK:U (tv rating) UK:U (video rating) (1988) USA:Approved (PCA #16600) West Germany:12 (nf)