Korea divided into what side or Korea?

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Korea is divided into North Korea and South Korea....South Korea is much more better than North Korea. North Korea doesn't let people in to their country easily but South Korea is like a normal country...Also South Korea has famous companies such as Samsung,LG,Hyundai....Also nowdays(like 2010,2011) the korean singers are becoming really popular around the world...There are singer comany names like SM,JYP,YG....And they had a SM concert recently in France and the tickets were sold in 15minutes and so the other people who coudn't buy the tickets did kind of like a demonstrate on the streets....Famous singer groups like {Girls Generations}, {Super Junior}, {T-ara}, {2ne1}, {4minute}, {Shinee}..etc...
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Why was Korea divided?

The Soviet Union helped North Korea and America helped South Korea. In1950,6,25 North Korea invade the south and did the war. At 1953 North and South did suspension. It is why

Where is Korea?

Korea is located between china and japan Korea is geographically, in the East Asian region and is borderedat the North by Manchuria (Northeastern part of the People'sRepublic

How was Korea divided?

The 6.25 Korean War divided Korea into half....But the war is not finished yet and North Koreans might start war like now...Because they are having a rest kind of thing...

What is Korea?

Korea is a region in East Asia (between China and Japan) that has around 5000 years of recorded history. It's currently divided into North Korea and South Korea. North Korea i

What the Korea?

Korea is the peninsula to the North-East of China, which harbors the countries of North and South Korea

Why are North Korea and South Korea divided?

because of the war in Korea they called that the war is 6.25 war that day( June twenty fiveth )the war is began and they feel painful because of the war north Korea

Where is Korea divided?

At the 38th Parallel, which is the demilitarized zone splitting North and South Korea.

Where and how was Korea Divided?

Hi I'm a Korean so you can trust me but I'm turning 14 in august and suck in history so don't hope that much So Korea was divided by a war which the north Korea attacked on a

Will Korea always be a divided country?

It is impossible for one to predict the future. However, analyzation of history provides evidence that this split will be only temporary. Korea existed as a single entity sin
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How about you in Korea?

I am Korean but I confuse about my feeling, too. However, first of all, North and south should be unify. There are many families who cannot meet each other, people who escape
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When and how was Korea divided?

During the Korean War (1950-1953). it divided after Kim Il Sung decided that he wanted power.
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What can you do in Korea?

Things to visit and do in south korea 1. Go to the supermarkets and shopping malls - You can buy clothes and food 2. Go to the zoo - You can see animals 3. Go to the ancien