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Korea is divided into North Korea and South Korea....South Korea is much more better than North Korea. North Korea doesn't let people in to their country easily but South Korea is like a normal country...Also South Korea has famous companies such as Samsung,LG,Hyundai....Also nowdays(like 2010,2011) the korean singers are becoming really popular around the world...There are singer comany names like SM,JYP,YG....And they had a SM concert recently in France and the tickets were sold in 15minutes and so the other people who coudn't buy the tickets did kind of like a demonstrate on the streets....Famous singer groups like {Girls Generations}, {Super Junior}, {T-ara}, {2ne1}, {4minute}, {Shinee}..etc...
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Who decided to divide Korea at the 38th parallel?

Answer . Two army colonels in the Pentagon Dean Rusk and Charles Bonesteel were asked to divide the Korean peninsula. They used the 38th parallel because the capital, Seoul, would then be included in the American zone. \n.

How was Korea divided after World War 2?

It was divided between a Soviet-led North Korea and an American-ledSouth Korea along the 38th parallel. Please see the Related Link for more information.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Division_of_korea

How was Korea divided at the end of the Cold War?

The division of North and South Korea did not change at the end of the Cold War. The DMZ (demilitarized zone) has been in place since the cease fire, and the country has been divided near the 38th parallel since the end of World War II.

Who fought on the side of North Korea?

Answer China China, assuming you are asking about the 1950 war against south Korea and the united nations. ^ whoever wrote that you are clearly a brainless oaf what other war was there with north Korea

Why was Korea divided after world war 2?

Well, I live in Korea right now so I know :). Long time ago a part of Korean people wanted to have one religion and one religion only that people could believe in, and that was aithiesm (don't know how to spell that cuz I'm just 11) . They didn't agree to free choice of religion.But then other Korea (MORE)

Why was Korea divided?

The Soviet Union helped North Korea and America helped South Korea. In1950,6,25 North Korea invade the south and did the war. At 1953 North and South did suspension. It is why Korea divided.

How did korea become divided into two countries?

Back before World War II, Korea was a Japanese colony. During the war, the United States and the Soviet Union captured Korea from the Japanese, "temporarily" dividing the country in half along the 38th parallel. After the war, the United States and the Soviet Union disagreed over what kind of govern (MORE)

What two countries decided to divide Korea?

The two countries to divide Korea was majorly Russia and USA. Russia which was in a dictatorship back than (became democracy now) helped North Korea to be dictatorship also. On the other hand, USA which was democracy, helped South Korea becoming a democracy government. By the separation of this coun (MORE)

What year was Korea formally divided?

I think the 38th Parallel was decided in 1945, but it did not become enforced immediately so that Koreans who wished to relocate could do so. In the closing days of World War 2, the Soviet Union drove the Japanese out of northern Korea and the USA landed in southern Korea. They agreed the border (MORE)

Where is Korea?

Korea is located between china and japan Korea is geographically, in the East Asian region and is borderedat the North by Manchuria (Northeastern part of the People'sRepublic of China). To the east is the State of Japan.

How was Korea divided?

The 6.25 Korean War divided Korea into half....But the war is not finished yet and North Koreans might start war like now...Because they are having a rest kind of thing...

Who decided do divide North Korea and South Korea?

Nobody did. While South Korea and the Japanese were at war, Korea just got separated. So it is now known as South and North Korea.. xenonlamp : No, That answer was wrong. I'm a South Korean,. both countrys are separated by USA , Japan, and Soviet Russia, China.

What is Korea?

Korea is a region in East Asia (between China and Japan) that has around 5000 years of recorded history. It's currently divided into North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is one of the most secluded and corrupt states in the world whereas South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced na (MORE)

This line divides North Korea and South Korea?

North Korea and South Korea are divided nearly in half (although South Korea is bigger). The dividing line between North Korea and South Korea is a bit north of Sokcho, a beach town in South Korea (about 4-5 hours drive from Yoido, an island in Seoul) In Sokcho, you can see soldiers and military cam (MORE)

What the Korea?

Korea is the peninsula to the North-East of China, which harbors the countries of North and South Korea

Why are North Korea and South Korea divided?

because of the war in Korea they called that the war is 6.25 war that day( June twenty fiveth )the war is began and they feel painful because of the war north Korea wants to be a republican since its near the republic of china while south Korea wants a democratic government

Who made Korea divided?

there was a war between Korea and japan and that messed them up and made them mad at each other and separated their territory.

What divides north and south Korea?

The division of Korea into South Korea and North Korea was the result of the 1945 Allied victory in World War II ending the Empire of Japan's 35 years colonial rule of Korea by General Order No.1.

What are the two states that Korea divided into?

Well Korea used to be one country, but then after World War II, Korea was taken away from Japan and became independent. But they decided not to be on country and they split into two countries, hence North and South Korea. North Korea became a communist government with the help of the soviet Union an (MORE)

Why is Korea still divided?

North Korea is communist, and South Korea is democratic. The Korean War had ended in a stalemate (when neither side gets a victory) so they remained split apart, and with different governments.

Is Korea the only divided country in the world?

Korea is the not only country in the world that is divided. TheKorean peninsula consists of North Korea (officially the DemocraticPeople's Republic of Korea) and South Korea (officially theRepublic of Korea). Vietnam was divided til 1975. The Island ofCyprus is also divided due to the "Cyprus Disput (MORE)

Why was Korea divided into 2 parts?

The Korean war split the country into two separate nations. NorthKorea is a communist country run by a dictator. South Korea is ademocratic republic. It is split in two by the 38th parallel.

Hoe did Korea become a divided state?

Japan was holding Korea as its colony and squashing Korean culture. In 1910 Japan removed the chosen Korean dynasty and turned it into a Japanese colony. During the next thirty-five years Korea was changed dramatically as the Japanese tried to suppress Korean culture. They tried to make Korea more l (MORE)

Where and how was Korea Divided?

Hi I'm a Korean so you can trust me but I'm turning 14 in august and suck in history so don't hope that much So Korea was divided by a war which the north Korea attacked on a Sunday morning when no one could ever predict there could be war the north Koreans conquered way to Busan. And then South Kor (MORE)

Did Korea divide land to japan?

no.if you can see japan is more shitlessly smaller army than s.korea and n.korea but has good defense budget. once they did a long time a go

Why was Korea divided into two countries?

Korea was a Japanese colony prior to World War II. With the Red Army attacking in Manchuria and heading towards Korea, it was determined between the USSR and the U.S.A that Korea would be temporarily split by the two powers before it would later be united as an independent nation. A U.S. Army staff (MORE)

What side was Korea on in World War 2?

Korea had absolutely no choice but to be on the Axis side in World War 2. Korea was captured by Japan in the Russo-Japanese War of 1905, and it was officially annexed by Japan in 1910. In Europe, Czechoslovakia received a similar deal from Germany, but Korea had been under the Japanese heel for much (MORE)

Will Korea always be a divided country?

It is impossible for one to predict the future. However, analyzation of history provides evidence that this split will be only temporary. Korea existed as a single entity since the Goryeo dynasty (beginning in 918 C.E.) up until the Korean war (beginning in 1951). Also, North Korea's regime is flaw (MORE)

How and when did Korea become divided?

During World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union divided the country along the 38th parallel while taking it back from Japanese occupation, with the Americans taking back the area south of the 38th parallel and the Soviets taking back the area north of the 38th parallel. The division was (MORE)

What war divided Korea into north and south?

World War 2. After Japan surrendered, North Korea was liberated by the USSR, and South Korea by the US. A few years later the Korean War was fought, and the previous division at the 38th Parallel was reaffirmed.

How about you in Korea?

I am Korean but I confuse about my feeling, too. However, first of all, North and south should be unify. There are many families who cannot meet each other, people who escape from North Korea is increasing, etc. South Korea's economy will drop immediately after unifying, but it can be solve after th (MORE)

What describes the opposing sides in the Korea War?

(United Nations forces fought against Communist North Korea and soldiers from Communist China) The Korean War was a conflict between the United Nations and Communist North Korea (which was aided by "volunteers" from Communist China). The war began on June 25, 1950 when North Korea invaded South Ko (MORE)

What were the 2 conflicting sides at war with Korea?

The two sides were: . South Korea and the United Nations (led mainly by the United States and Britain, but also including many other countries) . North Korea, with help from Communist China and the Soviet Union, as well as other Communist countries.

What can you do in Korea?

Things to visit and do in south korea 1. Go to the supermarkets and shopping malls - You can buy clothes and food 2. Go to the zoo - You can see animals 3. Go to the ancient houses - You can learn about ancient korean history

How was China and Korea divided?

Korea was completely seperated and independent from mainland Chinabecause Japanese expanding in Korean peninsula after Sino-Japanesewar in 1895.

Why Korea divide into two?

At the end of WW2 Rusian troop flooded parts of China, as it wasstill occupied by Japanese troops. . Russia also occupied North Korea, and put in a puppet communistgovernment.