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Labour force minus the unemployed means?

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It leaves the employed people.
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What does indentured labourers mean?

  I think it is former description of an aprentaship for a craftsman. A young person would agree to work for an employer for a period of time, in the 1800-1930 for prehaps

What does minus mean?

Minus means to diminish, or to take away from. For example: To decrease: The weather forecast predicted the winds will decrease by tomorrow. To take away from: 25 take away 10

Who is unemployed?

An unemployed person can be a person who has no job and is trying  to find employment. Unemployed can also be used to describe a  person who is physically capable of working

What does it mean if a cats got laboured breathing?

The cat could have a upper respiratory infection, throat or lung injury, or allergic reaction. Take the cat to a Vet.

What does the word indentured labours mean?

An indentured laborer is a person who has sold their labour (work) to a landowner for a specified period of time. It was common practice for immigrants to America to sell thei

How do you be unemployed?

There isn't much effort involved; you simply leave your job. There  aren't many good reasons why a person would want to do this except  to accept a better job or to retire.