What shops are at merry hill shopping centre?

JD x2 JJB, Soccor Sport, Monsoon, Jane Norman, Diffusion, HnM Accessorize, Claires, Asda, Peakcocks, Mcdonalds x2 Next La zensa Ann summers Game (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of shop shopping centre?

personally i love shopping centres and yes there are disadvantages - along with everything in life. These are the disadvantages that i can think of... 1) all shopping centres (MORE)

Where is the kandy shopping centre in dehiwala?

infront of the temple next to ebrt Silva service station (sea side) gall road . If you go towards colombo passing dehiwala junction (flyover) about 100m on your left. If you (MORE)

What are the advantages of shopping in shopping centres and supermarkets?

If perhaps a super market has an online store, like Safeway, instead of going to the store you can have it sent to you. But only depends what services are given to you. Also i (MORE)