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What is the main language spoke in Morocco?

The official language of Morocco is Arabic which is spoken with a  dialect and is recognised as Moroccan Arabic. The second language  of Morrocco, with almost 40% of the pop

The primary language that Jesus spoke was?

Answer: Jesus was a Jew, and grew up in a Jewish family in Galilee. The primary language for Jews in that area was Aramaic. The towns of associated with Jesus, Nazareth and C

What was the first language the world spoke?

Sanskrit was the first language. Historically, however, the first person to talk did not have written language and it was not recorded for us to know. It was most likely a gr

What was the language that Moses spoke?

Scholars say that the story of Moses was written down in the first millennium BCE, based on earlier oral traditions. There was no thought given to what language he might have

What was the language the Vikings spoke?

They spoke Old Norse which was an ancient Germanic language from the North Germanic branch. It was closely related to Old English and was the language whence the modern Scandi

What was the language Jesus spoke?

The gospels tell us that Jesus was a Palestinian Jew, so he would normally have spoken Aramaic. Since he is portrayed as reading the scriptures in the synagogue, he would als