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Lebanon is famous for many reasons, the most important of which are:
1) The holy cedars of God were mentioned well over a hundred times in the Holy Bible.
2) Jeita grotto, the most beautiful grotto in the world and it contains the world longest stalagmite and is currently vying for a position in the new seven natural wonders of the world.
3) World famous cuisine, the Lebanese cuisine is the epitome of middle eastern cuisine, its healthy and delicious. that's why Lebanese cuisines exist all over the world. For more information, please check wikipedia Lebanese cuisine.
4) WINE. Lebanon is the oldest wine making place on earth. The Phoenicians began distilling wine a full millennium before the Greek. also for more info check Wikipedia.
5) Lebanon recognises 17 different religions. Lebanon is home to the maronite catholic church, the seat of the cardinal of Antioch and the all the east. Lebanon has the highest percentage of Christians in the middle east ( 40% ).
6) there are more Lebanese outside of Lebanon (10 mill ) than inside ( 4 mill ), in fact Brazil alone has more Lebanese than Lebanon. Christians make up the absolute majority of Lebanon if all immigrants were included. ( 90% )
7 Lebanon has 6 world heritage sites and over 60000 touristic scenes. it has the biggest roman temple ( bigger than the Parthenon ) in baalbeck. despite being only 10452km2.
8-Lebanon is the only country in the middle east without a desert and the only country where you can ski. in fact the word Lebanon is over 4000 years old ( oldest country name in the world ) and it means white like snow.
10) Lebanon is the country with the most books written about it.
11) Most Lebanese speak at least two languages. Arabic and french or Arabic and English or all of them. Lebanese schools teach sciences in french or English.
12) Lebanon is known for its strict banking system and prudent economic plans which explains why Lebanon was the world best performer in the last 12 month and why the banking system grew 22pct during the crisis ( for more info please see Lebanon economy wikipedia )
13) Lebanon is the most open minded country in the middle east, its known for its nightclubs parties and liveliness. Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, was chosen by lonely planet as one of most liveliest places on earth and was chosen by the New York Times as the first place ( out of 44 best destinations ) to visit in 2009.
14) Lebanon is home to international universities like the AUB, SGU, LAU and many foreigners choose Lebanon to continue their studies. it is also the Levant Capitol of plastic surgery.
15) Last, but certainly not least, Lebanon is known for it's hospitalilty and beautiful men and women.
there are many more historical reasons like having the world's first law school, being the home of Phoenicians who invented the alphabet and so on... hope that answers your question :P
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