What does limited edition mean?

It means either the product is not going to be around very long, or it's a better version of the main product that isn't going to be sold forever. Collectors of all sorts of t (MORE)
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Watches Dubai limited edition?

In 2011, the Porsche Design store in the Dubai Mall startedoffering a limited edition watch. The price tag for the PorscheDesign Indicator watch was $270,000 in US currency.? (MORE)
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How do you get a limited edition pet on Marapets?

There are many different ways to get LE pets on Mara. The first is to complete a mission. The easiest is probably tusually not in user shops, because of t heir price). The thi (MORE)
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What are all limited edition Neopets?

A) Chomby B) Cybunny C) Draik D) Grundo E) Hissi F) Jetsam G) Kiko H) Koi I) Krawk J) Lutari K) Poogle L) Tonu. Technically Krawk, Lutari, and Draik are (MORE)
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What is a limited edition Neopet?

Limited Edition Neopets are essentially just like common Neopets.The only real difference is that limited edition pets are onlyavailable through the 'Create a Pet!' page durin (MORE)

How do you get limited edition neopet?

If you mean a LE (Limited Edition), you'll need to wait year round until that neopet's special day. Eg: A Jetsam would be on October 16, and a Poogle would be on September 19. (MORE)
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Is there a a limited edition halo 4?

yes there is a limited edition of halo 4 which i have already pre-ordered but their won't be any legendary edition. their is also a limited edition halo 4 console. The HALO 4 (MORE)