Line of Sight radio communication during the Vietnam War?

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The US Army began radio operations in South Vietnam during the early 1950s. In 1962, the first full battalion of the 39th Signal Corps arrived in country; and received authorization to commence tropospheric (scatter) radio operations. This was conducted in phases and was not totally completed until 1968. Direct line microwave was considered short range (less than 100 miles).

MARS operations were purchased off-shelf by the US military in Vietnam in 1965.

Armed Forces Radio Service (AFAS Saigon) commenced operations in 1962. Later changing to American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) in 1967, with their slogan: "Serving the American Fighting Man twenty four hours a day, from the Delta to the DMZ!" (With their most popular theme song, "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place!" by Eric Burton and the Animals.

For further information: Vietnam Studies/Communication-Electronics in Vietnam; Department of the Army 1972, by Major General Thomas M. Rienzi
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