List 5 forest reserves in nigeria?

Babon rafi sokoto native area number 22
bayan dutsin forest reserve
benin native area
berniwa forst reserve
birnin gwari native area number 1
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Is forest whitaker from Nigeria?

Recently the golden globe and Oscar winner was in Nigeria to visit his ancestral land. A couple of years back, he found his true identity after a DNA test was conducted and hi (MORE)

List of universities in Nigeria?

A few that come to mindUniversity of Nigeria, nsukka University of uyo Univerisity of calabar University of ibadan Federal University of Technology Owerri, Federal U (MORE)

List the reserved powers?

Establish local governments  * establish and maintain schools  * regulate business within the state  * marriage laws  * assume to the states other powers not delegated t (MORE)
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Fast Facts About Abuja, Nigeria

As one of the largest nations on the planet, Nigeria is home to a number of interesting sites. The capital of the nation is Abuja, and it reflects the large amount of diversit (MORE)
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Deciduous Forests

Deciduous forests are those where broad-leaved trees grow. The average temperature is 50 degrees and the average rainfall is 30 to 60 inches per year. These forests are locate (MORE)
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The Defining Features of Coniferous Forests

Coniferous forests are a unique type of temperate rainforest found in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. These temperate evergreen environments are not common compare (MORE)

Anatomy of the Forest Ecosystem

When someone thinks of a forest, the first thing that they think about is trees. Trees are the most prominent feature of many forests, but if one looks closer there is much mo (MORE)

Careers in the Outdoors: What You Need to Know About the Field of Forestry

Forests are complex ecosystems in which plant and animal life coexist in deeply codependent relationships. Human beings derive a number of material benefits from forests. Howe (MORE)

What is the list of trade unions of Nigeria?

National Electric Power Authority (NEPA)Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN)Iron and Steel Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (ISSSAN)Ass (MORE)