List of Little known female singer album cover long curly hair?

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Shirly Temple
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List of sixties female singers?

Joan Baez Joni Mitchell Judy Collins Buffy Sainte Marie Diana Ross & Supremes Petula Clark Mary Hopkin Tammy Wynette Loretta Lynn Dolly Parton Patsy Cline

How do you get your hair thick curly and long?

The way I do it is: 1. wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner 2. after that's done, braid it into two pigtails and let it dry( I prefer to let it air dry, but you can a

Can you change curly hair to long hair?

You cannot "change" your hair to make it long. Curly hair, justlike straight hair, has to grow. You can temporarily make your hairlook longer by straightening it, however. Cur
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List of female singers from the 70s?

Joni Mitchell Joan Baez Judy Collins Carole King Janis Ian Carly Simon Dolly Parton Tammy Wynette Loretta Lynn Dottie West Tanya Tucker Barbara Mandrell
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What to do with long thick curly hair?

Your thick, curly hair is probably the envy of women who have the opposite. Just make the best of it--keep it clean and combed. Perhaps you can find a hairdresser that can giv