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What are the operations in singly linked lists?

Operations that are performed on a singly linked list are- 1. Traversal of complete list (Displaying all data elements) 2. Insertion of element at beginning. 3. Insertio

what are the various operations in linked list which can be performed on linked list?

In linked list, there are various operations in linked list that you can perform on linked list, eg: adding new elements, deleting elements, getting the first element, getting

Explain the operations that can be performed on linked list?

  The operations that can be performed on a linked list are...   1. Insert an element or list.   2. Delete an element or list.   3. Read an element or list.  

Write a program to implement a operation of singly linked list?

include class sll { private: int data; sll *next; public: sll* insert_one(int,sll*); sll* delete_one(int,sll*); void ftraverse(sll*); void rtraverse(sll*);

Can you give a list of cable operators in Pakistan?

World Call, Media Plus Communication (MPC), Karachi Cable Services (KCS), City Communications. These are all working under the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (

List the characteristics of broadband coaxial cable?

1.The multi-layer design of coaxial cable makes it useful for a wide range of applications. 2. Coaxial cable can be run along the sides of buildings, underground, and around

Is there a list of Bronze Star recipients from Operation Iraqi Freedom?

  Answer   Quite possibly, since the increase of communications and data collection has improved, the time frames have been condensed and the numbers of units and pe

What are the list of operating systems from oldest to latest?

I Know about Microsoft version Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 Windows XP, Windows Vista. In Windows XP and Vista having different version. Like XP Home, XP P