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List of religions that are not Christian?

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  • Buddhism
  • Confucianism
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Janism
  • Judaism
  • Paganism
  • Sikhism
  • Shintoism
  • Taoism
  • Zoroastrianism
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Which Christians religion was the first one?

We are not really sure which Christian sect was first. Many scholars say that Paul's Christianity was quite different to that taught by the Jerusalem Church led by James and

What religion was the foundation of the Christian religion?

Judism If you're asking who founded Christianity Jesus , who Christians believe is the son of God, the savior, and Messiah; but many of the customs and beliefs of Christianit

What is the Christian religion about?

In a simply, summary word: Love. We are commanded to Love God completely and then to Love our fellow man just like Jesus love each and everyone of us.   Answer: Christi

Is Methodist religion a Christian religion?

It is a denomination of Christianity, yes. Not all churches that are of any particular denomination are presently teaching Christian doctrine, so you have to be careful and ex

Christianity is a what religion?

Christianity is not a religion.    Christianity is most definitely nto a religion. Christianity is a  RELATIONSHIP with a living God.     Christianity is a m

Who founded Christianity religion?

Jesus of Nazareth, who lived from about 4 BC to around 30AD. He was called 'The Christ' ("the Messiah" or 'one who saves') - hence the term 'Christ-ian'. Christians believe th

What religion was Ireland before Christianity?

Some variant of what is now considered a general Celtic mythology that also was in Whales, Scotland and pre-roman Britain. This included a pantheon of various nature deities.

How has African religion influenced Christianity?

It hasn't had too much, I would assume, but most likely  Christianity has influenced various African religions. However,  most religions do tend to have some similarities an

Which religion is older Christianity or Judaism?

Judaism is the oldest between the two - Jesus and his disciples were Jews and followed the rituals of that religion. For example, note that they journeyed to Jerusalem to obse

Where did the religion of Christianity begin at first?

Catholic Answer Christianity began in Israel with the resurrection of Jesus and the establishment of the Catholic Church by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Another Answer: Jes

How do Christians show their commitment to their religion?

By their faith. However, faith has less to do with what comes out of the mouth and more to do with the outward expression of belief or expectation based on God's promises. In

Is the Catholic religion or Christian religion older?

Catholicism is only another form of Christianity, like Lutherian or Baptist. So Christianity is the base religion here, therefore there is no way Catholicism can be older than

Who are the prophets of the Christian religion?

Answer Prophet Jesus and all other preceded prophets, including Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Moses , David, Solomon, and other prophets in the old testament.