List of us navy admirals during World War 2?

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What were the total US Navy casualties in World War 2?

%REPLIES%. Answer . The US Navy had 4,183,000 men & women serve their country in WW 2. Of that number, there were 36,900 sailors & airmen K.I.A./M.I.A., along with 37,800 W.I.A.\n. \n. \nRichard V. Horrell\nWW 2

Was it a popular tradition in the US Navy during World War 2 to wear a gold earring?

%DETAILS%\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nThe wearing of a gold earring by sailors goes back for thousands of years. In ancient time, sailors wore a gold earring in case their ship sank, or they were swept overboard. After they drown, their body would hopefully wash ashore somewhere. Wherever that (MORE)

How many 5 Star Admirals and Generals were there during World War 2?

During the war itself there were only three, Eisenhower, MacArthur, and Admiral Nimitz. After the war Omar Bradley got a fifth and so, I think, did George Marshal. Michael Montagne General Marshall actually received his 5th star during the war, days before MacArthur and Eisenhower received theirs, (MORE)

How did the US Navy affect World War 2?

The US Navy was the only reason the war was won in the Pacific. None of our allies were cable of matching the naval strength of the IJN. Without the defeat of the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) the US would have had to sue for peace with Japan. But as they were an ally of Germany, who had also declare (MORE)

What did the US Navy do in World War 2?

Answer . \nThe Navy was a vital arm of fighting in WWII, especially in the Pacific theater.\n. \nThe Navy guarded convoys in the Atlantic, fought submarines, shelled the coastline in preperation for attacks, and served as a vital supply route along with the Merchant Marine.\n. \nIn the Pacific, (MORE)

How can you trace a relative who was a US Navy serviceman stationed in New Zealand during World War 2?

Answer . \nGet all the information you can on your grandfather, but don't look in New Zealand. Your grandfather was American so call "Veteran's Affairs" in the U.S. and trace him from there. You may have to pay a little to get this information, but it's important to you, so do it.\n. \nIf you (MORE)

How can you find information about a particular US Navy sailor on Okinawa during World War 2?

If he is still alive he must approve your request for HIS records.. If you are a DIRECT blood relative of this man, you can apply to get his military service records, from the U.S. Government, Department of Veteran's Administration. You will need to know the following information first, before you (MORE)

How many US Generals or Admirals died in World War 2?

Lt. Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner, CG Tenth Army, killed June 18, 1945 on Okinawa. (Posthumously promoted to General in 1954.) Rear Adm. Daniel J. Callahan, killed November 13, 1942 aboard USS SAN FRANCISCO (CA-38) at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. Awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions. Re (MORE)

Was Admiral Yamamoto the leader of Japan during World War 2?

Answer . yes he was the commander and chief of Japan. No. The above answer is misinformed. Yamamoto commanded the Japanese Navy. Hirohito was the Emperor, although he was a figurehead, and Tojo held most of the power. And the term is commander-in-chief, not commander and chief.

Is there a list of all Navy personnel who served in the Pacific Theater in World War 2?

Answer . No, there is not a specific list of the hundreds of thousands of sailors that served in the Pacific Theater. Information may be obtained through the military and the National Archives. Link provided but you must be the veteran or the next of kin.. evetrecs will not accept application 18 (MORE)

What does S2 stand for when referring to people who served in the US Navy during World War 2?

Navy Ratings . S could stand for supply. Originally the S designated a seaman, an E-3 on the ranking charts. An S2 could refer to a Specialist (S) 2nd Class Petty Officer, which was a Specialist (Shore Patrol & Security). Without knowing a bit more about the individual and whether they were en (MORE)

Is there a list of World War 2 Navy movies?

Answer . Well, I was looking for an answer, myself... but I'll try to get things started.. In Which We Serve, 1942, Noel Coward. The Cruel Sea, 1953, Jack Hawkins, Donald Sinden. Sink The Bismarck! 1960, Kenneth More, Dana Wynter. Hellcats of the Navy, 1957, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Davis. Tora! (MORE)

Who was the US Admiral in the Atlantic Ocean in World War 2?

well,christopher Columbus found the new world (America) we all know that. Before he left he was having an affair-like thing with the queen of England named Queen Isabella. She gave him money and things for preparation. When he got there he placed a flag for the queen. He was named admiral of the sea (MORE)

What color were US Navy helmets during World War 2?

THE COLOR . I Dont Really Know But I Think It Green And Brown!!!. Cause they have to hide in the dirt and in the green grass!!!. Navy ---not Army . Many Navy helmets were grey. The Navy is fond of the paint color affectionally referred to as "battleship grey".. However, the Navy used severa (MORE)

Who was the the US Admiral in the pacific during world war 2?

Admiral Chester William Nimitz Admirals Ernest J King and Chester Nimitz, to name two Cincpac Six-stripers! Cincpac- means commander In chief- Pacific theatre. Five-star Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz, Commander in Chief of the US Pacific Fleet and commander in chief of the Pacific Ocean Areas (MORE)

Who was the us admiral in the pacific during world war ii?

Admirals Nimitz, Spruance, and King were among the Big Guns of the Pacific Fleet. Wm. Bull Halsey also involved - all mainly in the Pacific Fleet. the Navy was primarily concerned with preventing a second Pearl Harbor assault- hence the concentration in the PTO ( Pacific Theatre of Operations) Marin (MORE)

What aircraft did the US navy use in world war 2?

Although the Brewster Buffalo was used in the very beginning of the war; the primary first rate US Navy fighter plane was the Wildcat. It was replaced by the Grumman's "cat family" of airplanes, the "Hellcat". By 1945, the Hellcat was going to be replaced by the Grumman's "Bearcat". Chance Vought in (MORE)

Who was the British Admiral in the Atlantic during World War 2?

There were probably quite a few. However one of the first would have been Rear Admiral Sir Henry Harwood.. On 13th December, 1939 he was Commodore South American Division of the American & West Indies Station flying his flag on HMNZS Achilles when the pocket battleship Graf Spee was sighted by Hunt (MORE)

In which year during World War 2 by the number of warships did the US Navy eclipse the Royal Navy as the largest and most powerful in the world?

Probably 1943, as in 1942 the US was still losing quite a few warships in the Pacific, such as at the Battle of Coral Sea (one large fleet carrier lost, one destroyer, one oiler); Midway (one large fleet carrier lost & one destroyer), Savo Island (three Heavy Cruisers lost), plus numerous sea battle (MORE)

Who was the last living US admiral from World War 2?

Admiral Arleigh Burke (died January 1,1996) was the oldest living Admiral of WWII. He was temporary promoted to the rank of Commodore (1 star Admiral) in 1944. In 1946 he reverted back to his permanent rank of Captain. However, he was again appointed a Rear Admiral in 1949. He served as the Chief of (MORE)

Who was the Japanese admiral in world war 2?

Up until he was shot down by a flight of P38's it was admiral Yamamoto. After that I am unsure of his replacement. He was also the planner of the pearl harbor attack dec. 7th 1941.. Up until he was shot down by a flight of P38's it was admiral Yamamoto. After that I am unsure of his replacement. He (MORE)

US Navy Admirals of World War 2?

"Betty" Stark, King, Kimmel, Ingersoll, Leahy, Nimitz, Halsey, Kidd, McCain, Frank Jack Fletcher, R.K. Turner, Clifton Sprague, Thomas Sprague, Willis Lee, Jesse Oldendorf, Raymond Spruance, Marc Mitscher, Scott, Callahan.

What were the names of us navy World War 2 cruisers?

There are too many USN cruisers to name; but they were divided into 3 catergories: 1. Heavy cruisers-8" guns 2. Light cruisers-6" guns 3. Large Cruisers-12" guns The Large Cruisers, such as the USS Alaska, were what Europeans liked to call "Battlecruisers" or "Pocket Battleships", but since the US (MORE)

How big was Canada's navy during World War 2?

I was surprised when I read this in Wikipedia under the heading of Royal Canadian Navy that they were the third largest navy in the world. **** Second World War The RCN expanded greatly during the Second World War and following the end of the war was the third-largest navy in the world, behind the (MORE)

Us admiral in the Atlantic durning world war 2?

Admiral John Tovey was the Admiral of the Fleet in the Atlantic during World War 2. He served in the Royal Navy. He retired after the war ended. Admiral Ernest J. King was assigned Fleet Commander of the Fleet for the United States once the US entered the war. They did not have one Admiral to contro (MORE)

Who was the American admiral in pacific during World War 2?

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz was CINCPAC (Commander in Chief Pacific) from just after the Pearl Harbor attack, throughout the rest of the war. Nimitz wore two hats - he was the head of the US Navy in the Pacific, and, he was a Theater Commander. The Pacific was divided into two Theaters of Operations. (MORE)

What does phm3 us navy mean in world war 2?

PHM3 in the US Navy during WW II means that a sailor is a Pharmacists Mate 3rd Class. Enlisted Grade of 4. This rate and rank usually served as a Medic. Some in hospitals, some aboard ships and some attached to Marine Infantry units.

What does Flc V6 mean in the US Navy during World War 2?

You're probably misreading it of a muster roll from world war II. My grandfather was an F1c V6 during the war which is a fireman 1st class. The "1" does look like an "l" but if you look at the other names you will see things like F2c, showing that the second character is a number.

What is the list of battles which happened during World War 2?

Their isnt an official list but heres a list of battles i did found, their may be more but im not sure. This includes battles from the war in europe and in the pacific I order it by year 1939 Battle of Westerplatte Battle of Bzura Battle of Mława Battle of Tomaszów Battle of K (MORE)

What did the NZ navy play during World War 2?

During the war, New Zealand's navy did play a role. When Britain declared war on Germany and Italy, New Zealand did the same. In December 1939, New Zealand deployed its naval forces against Germany and Italy. The first NZ vessel deployed against Japan was the HMNZS Gale and arrived in Fiji on Chr (MORE)