List of us wars since 1945?

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For the US: Korean War (1950-1953); Vietnam War (1961-1975): 1. Operation Urgent Fury-Grenada (1983) 2. Operation Just Cause-Panama (1989) 3. Operaton Desert Storm-Iraq (January and Febuary 1991) 4. Operation Restore Hope-Somalia (1993) 5. Operations in Europe-Bosnia (1990's) 6. Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan (2001-present) 7. Operation Iraqi Freedom-Iraq (2003-present)
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How many wars have been fought since 1945?

From 1945-2001 there were 194 conflicts or wars. War is very broad term, it can include great power wars, civil wars, genocides, terrorism, humanitarian intervention, inter-et

Since 1945 what US Presidents have not served in the US military?

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had no military service. George W. Bush saw his only service in Texas Air National Guard. FDR , who died in 1945, did not serve in Uniform b

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Answer 1 There are several Arab-Israeli Wars which each have their own causes. Additionally, the Conflict in General has a number of root causes. Please find a number of Rel

What wars have there been since 1945?

Since 1945 there have been only two wars fought by the Superpowers: Korean War & Vietnam War. During the cold war 1945-1990; there were dozens of local wars NOT involving the

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Nuclear Weapons are highly destructive weapons that can wipe entire citites of the face of the earth. The use of such a weapon is both inhuman and pointless, as the entire rea

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News worthy ones: Korea, Vietnam, Middle East (Southwest Asia). After Vietnam, the Middle East, and the end of the cold war: Only military campaigns occurred (Operations). T

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