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List the three ways to move the image in Google earth?

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using mouse using the navigation control tilting the terrain
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How does Google Earth collect the satellite images?

They collect their satellite images from a variety of cameras including; low level satellite photography, aerial photography and even on occassion kite and balloon cameras. Th

What 3 ways does earth move?

1 - orbits round the sun.   2 - rotates on its axis.   3 - tilts towards or away from the sun, giving the differing  seasons.

Where on the web besides Google earth can you get satellite images of places?

  You can go to your local county web page. There should be a section for taxes and there will be a GIS Mapping tool on there. As long as you know the property address you

In how many ways does the earth move?

Two. It rotates on its axis and it revolves around the sun.   ______________   There are some others. The earth's axial rotation is not perfectly oriented without any mo

How often are Google Earth images updated?

The images in Google Earth (and Google Maps) are updated on a  continuous basis. It's hard to say exactly when an area will be  updated because some areas may be updated mor

What three ways do plates move?

1. some slowly pull away from each other 2. some push toward each other 3. some slide past each other. ( 7th grade )

What 2 ways does earth move?

It rotates on its' axis    and    it revolves around the sun

Two ways the earth moves?

Spinning on its axis, or rotating, is one of earth's movements and it gives us the experience of day and night. The earth also revolves around the sun (in its orbit) and this

What are three ways protozoans can move?

Cilia- Paramecium Flagella- Euglena pseudopods- Amoeba

What are three ways bacteria can move?

Cilia, fagellae or by pseudopodia
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What are three ways objects can move?

objects can be moved by human or by machines