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The logarithm of 1 to the base 1 is indeterminate. The logarithm of a number x to the base a is a number y, such that ay = x. The most common base a is 10, or the natural base a is e (2.718281828...). It is invalid to think of logarithms base 1, because 1 to the power of anything is still 1.
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What is the logarithm of log -1?

Assuming you are asking about the natural logarithms (base e): log (-1) = i x pi therefore log (log -1) = log (i x pi) = log i + log pi = (pi/2)i + log pi. which is ap

Why use a natural base logarithm?

The natural base, e, 2.718281828..., was selected because the derivative d / dx e x is equal to x. This simplifies many calculations, derivatives, integrals, etc. Additiona

What is log 1 to the base 1?

acording to me the value is 0 because the value of log 1 at any base is always 0.

What is the base 10 logarithm called?

The base 10 logarithm is called the "common logarithm". * * * * * It is also called the 'Briggsian logarithm', named after Henry Briggs, who introduced his table of loga

What is the logarithm of 16 to the base 4?

There are two ways to solve this. One is using the definition of logarithms: solve the equation 4 x = 16. This can be done by inspection, in this case. The other is to use

What is the logarithm of -1?

Negative numbers don't have logarithms.

Can the base of a logarithm be 0?

No, it is undefined and indeterminate. Log base y of a variable x = N y to the N power = x if y ( base) = 0 then 0 to the N power = x which is always zero (or one in some

What is the notation for a logarithm with base 10?

The logarithm of a number with base=B is written as [ log B (N) ]. If the base is 10, it's called the "common logarithm" of N and the base isn't written. [ log(N) ].