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The editor frequently puts original cartoons from sex to sexty up for auction ebay. one or two other people do as well.
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How can you tell if a girl is looking for sex?

you take all of your clothes off in front of her and show her your dick and hug her when your naked try touching her and her hair go for the the as and then her boobs and then

Can looking at fashion magazines make you feel depressed about how you look?

I think you know the answer to this one and I'd stop looking at the magazines. The truth of the matter is, these models have at least 2 - 3 hours of make-up sprayed on their

How much is look magazine?


Why does the color of a magazine picture look different under the microscope?

the color of the magazine picture looks different because the colors of the picture aren't solid colors. They are colors with an array of black dots. It just looks solid becau

Why does the color of the magazine look different under the microscope?

         Magazines actually have tiny black dots throughout the picture, the dots are just too small to see with the naked eye. So when you use the microscope,

What does a oral sex look like?

It is where someone sucks a penis. It is using the mouth and  tongue to stimulate the penis and genital area. 

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What does sex look like when your having sex?

Actually... Having sexual intercourse looks ridiculous and awkward. It's true! It's about the only time I can think of in life when you might accidentally knee someone in the