Looking for artist contributors to sex to sexty magazine?

The editor frequently puts original cartoons from sex to sexty up for auction ebay. one or two other people do as well.

Adoption Magazines

Adoption magazines are operated by people who have been touched by adoption and wish to provide resources and information to others touched by adoption. There are still some t… (MORE)

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Country artist who sings looking for love?

The name of the singer is Johnny Lee. It was a #1 hit for him, and was included in the motion picture, and soundtrack for "Urban Cowboy."

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What is a independent contributor?

An individual contributor is one who has done something on their  own and not as a group. You are only responsible for your own  actions versus managing a group of people.

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Top Pop Music Magazines for Teens

Magazines are a great way to pass the time on the road and at sleepovers with friends. Teen pop music magazines in particular allow you to keep up with all the latest news con… (MORE)